Feb 29, 2012

Time to vote!

Remember when I wrote that essay for the Stratejoy essay contest? The one that was out of my comfort zone but pushed me oh so well with my writing?

I was chosen as a finalist and my essay has been put alongside some other incredibly talented women. And today...the voting starts.

The voting. As in, you can go vote for my essay to win! The prize is $500 - and a feeling I can't even imagine. I would LOVE for you to head over to the Stratejoy blog and vote - I promise it won't take you long!

The voting is open today, tomorrow, and Friday, and that's it! You can only vote once per computer so please share this with your friends, your followers, your family, or even that guy who wants to earn points with you. (I'd take his vote too! I kid, I kid. Well, sorta).

I want to win this contest so badly I can almost taste it. If I don't win, will I never write again and feel horrible about myself? Of course not.

But if I do win, will it help boost my confidence as I pursue writing in ways I've only let myself dream before? Absolutely. (Trust me, much more on this later).

Thanks in advance for your help! And in case you weren't sure which of these links to click on, VOTE HERE!


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