Mar 29, 2012

No wine, all love

Time for some Wine & Love! If you don't know the deal, you share what's making you want to drink a glass of wine, and what you're loving this week. Nora hosts it and it's awesome. The end.

*Here's the That might have changed by the time you read this post but right now I'm good. I'm really, really, good. 

*I got one of those reusable cups with straws, and holy cow it's changing my life. I've been feeling dehydrated lately, but getting this cup makes me drink water so much faster. I'm sure it's all a mental thing, but it's definitely working. (Plus sometimes I put orange slices in it and feel fancy!)

*This joke my sister put on her facebook status: "The past, the present, and the future walk into a bar. It was tense." I almost peed my pants laughing.

*Hearing my niece laugh at herself last night when we asked her what a goat said and she responded with, "Moo!" She was quite pleased with herself.

*After my post yesterday I got an incredibly sweet text from my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law baked me cookies. I'm pretty sure they just proved my point.

*Getting this in the mail yesterday. More to follow but it's a shirt I'm very excited about!

*That I have NO wines this week. Awesome.

What are your wine and loves this week? Happy almost Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that you have no wines this week! I can't really say the same...

- work stress/uncertainty continues. The reorg was supposed to be announced this week and then the group head cancelled his trip at the last minute. I am fed up with cryptic communication and others speculating on what will happen. I am trying to not get caught up in it, but it's really hard. And I am tired and stressed out from CFA studying, so it's just another huge thing to add to my pile of stress.

/end rant.

- Catching up with you! Trying a new recipe on Sunday night. Registering for the Des Moines Marathon!

Stephany said...

Yay for no wines! That's always so lovely.

Wine: Work drama. I'm this close to a breakdown. No fun at all!

Love: Emails from friends, the fact that I still love my boot camp/trainers 2 months in, and anticipating my cruise, 7 weeks to go! :)

Nora said...

that's awesome that you have no wines =) Thanks for joining in with such a dose of happy this week; much needed indeed.

And that tense joke? I laughed.

Amber said...

How great that you had such a great week!

This was a hard week for me. I was SUPER busy at work and I've been really tired in general. But Eric and I are going away this weekend and I'm SO excited about it so that's a big huge love for me!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Ooooh, what shirt did you get?!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Glad you had such a great week :) The joke cracked me up. Tomorrow I am doing something with my students about April Fools Day and it should be hilarious as kindergarten kids do NOT have a concept of jokes haha

Mandy said...

Please tell me you got the Ohio shirt? I know how much you love my home state. =)

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