Apr 9, 2012

Things I learned from hosting Easter dinner

Fiestaware makes everything cheerier.
Oh, and did I mention I'm now on instagram? (loveeverydaylife) To say I'm addicted is quite the understatement.

My mom is super supportive. I already knew this - I mean, come on, my mom is awesome - but she laughed with me and made suggestions, and when I went to clear the table after dinner she told me to stay seated. She said I'd made the meal so she did two big loads of dishes to help clear counter space in our kitchen.

Mashed potatoes are work. Hard work. And a very good arm workout.

Having hot butter and milk splash on your arms and shirt while mashing said potatoes feels awesome. No really. (See also, understanding the benefit of aprons).

I didn't get as stressed as I thought I would. I think it was good to ease in with Easter dinner. It's an important holiday, but food-wise not as high-profile as Thanksgiving, so there weren't any "expected" dishes. (It helped that the ham was pretty self-sufficient).

We eased into hosting a holiday meal with just my mom and sister, but I've already told Ben I want to host everyone next year! My family, his family, and anyone else who wants to come! (Let's just hope we're out of our one-bedroom apartment by then).

How was your weekend? Have you ever hosted a holiday dinner? Do you enjoy it or do you get stressed out?


Anonymous said...

It's great that you got to host & have it be a fun time. I've hosted a few times at our house & really love it, but because it's so small we can't have the whole family over. At the same time, it's perfect for friends :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That looks awesome!

So my family is kind of lazy and we use a hand mixer to mash our potatoes! I have never hand-mashed - so props to you for doing that!!!!!

I hosted the day after Thanksgiving dinner for my family last year. But I worked that day, came home and had to run to the grocery store as my mom had forgotten to grab some things that she was supposed to get while I was working... So I was kind of stressy because I had no time between when I got home and when my family started arriving. I tried to stay calm and collected, and I did a so so job at that... It also didn't help that we left and went to a parade and came back and ate right away, so I just had very little time there to make sure things were running smoothly. i'd def do it differently next time!

Way to go, though! Love your festive table! fiesta ware makes any table beautiful!!

Amber @ A little pink in the cornfields said...

That looks awesome!!! I'm glad it went so well! The fiesta ware is gorgeous, I just love it!

I've hosted Thanksgiving twice, but it was kind of potluck, so I didn't make everything. Just the turkey and a few other sides. Still stressful though!

Nora said...

Glad it went well :) This makes me happy.

Last year I hosted a Thanksgiving brunch for Knight's family. I think we had a total of 13 people in our 1200 sq ft house? And no formal dining room, either. It was a tad stressful since we provided a lot of the main food; people brought stuff but the amount of dishes and things people still needed was a tad overwhelming! But at the end of the day it was worth it. We will likely be hosting that each year, so we'll see how it goes :)

Amber said...

That is awesome you hosted Easter dinner!!!

So my grandma cooked dinner for us yesterday and when it came time to mash the potatoes our hand masher was NOWHERE to be found. We ended up making them in the food processor and they were the creamiest, most amazing mashed potatoes I've ever had!!

Loulou said...

I love your colourful table! Good for you for hosting. I have done so in the past but it's been a while and I really should get back to it!


Holly said...

I love how colourful your table is :) We host small get togethers every now and then but our place is too small to have the whole family over at once. Any more than two extra people is pushing it! Maybe when we get a house we'll be able to entertain more ...

Lindsey said...

We hosted Easter for the first time this year too! I'm glad yours turned out so well, ours was nice too!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

FIESTAWARE. I want some.

Darcie said...

Took you long enough to get on Instagram!

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