Jun 26, 2012


I'm not a cat person. Or maybe I should say I'm not a house cat person. I've always thought the bigger cats were awesome (tigers, lions, etc), but last year is when it really happened.

I became obsessed with cheetahs.

It started when I was watching African Cats. It was a weekend night and Ben was working late. It was chilly outside (I think early December), so I got cozy with a blanket, some wine, and African Cats. I know, party is my middle name.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, it's a documentary that follows a pride of lions (actually two prides), and a few cheetahs over in Africa. It sounds totally boring but it's really easy to get sucked in - especially after a couple glasses of wine.
I don't remember exactly what I said, but my texts to Ben that night looked something like this:

Baby, I am drinking wine and watching the kitty movie!

Dude. This lion is a bad ass. They don't mess around.

Oh my gosh, the cheetah just had cubs - so adorable!

No really baby, I almost can't take the cuteness. Forget a kindle, I want a baby cheetah in my stocking for Christmas.

Ah! Baby cheetahs! I NEED ONE!

The mama cheetah is so regal! 

The baby cheetahs are so cute! Seriously babe, we could TOTALLY have one in the apartment! And when the dog upstairs gets annoying the cheetah would take care of it!

I could go on (and that night I think I did), but you get the picture. Since then, my obsession has only grown.

I talk about cheetahs a lot. I will tell you why they are better than all the other cats (some are valid reasons, most I make up), and I have a picture of a baby cheetah as the background on my phone. When I recently went to the zoo, I got to the cheetah exhibit and grabbed my friend's arm whispering, "they're here! It's happening!" (I'm no Kristen Bell, but it was pretty awesome). Forget shark week - I want to see cheetah week!

I've since learned that two baby cheetahs were born at the National Zoo a few months ago and they will be making their first debut later this year. You better believe I'm all over it.

How do you feel about cheetahs? If it's a negative opinion, don't bother leaving a comment. Just kidding. (Sorta). Do you have a favorite animal, or any animal you're totally slightly obsessed with? Are you amazed I could write a whole post about this?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love this obsession you have with Cheetahs! I guess I have never given them much thought, so don't have a strong opinion either way. I think all of the big cats are pretty amazing because they are so so fast and muscular!

My favorite animal is probably the monkey. Or penguins. But there isn't any animal that I get super excited over or feel any sort of attachment too... I just missed out on the animal lover gene (I swear I am a nice person... when I tell people I am not an animal person I get a lot of 'what is WRONG with you?' looks!).

Annie said...

I mostly love the Kristen Bell reference. FOR THE WIN!

Anonymous said...

I totally get the animal love. I have this thing about elephants that I can't quite explain either. Various things around the house, a much loved stuffed animal from my childhood, etc. all elephants. Not a Republican though! Also as a fellow animal lover, I totally recommend the movie We Bought a Zoo ( tears alert though!)

Amber said...

YES! When Eric's parents were visiting him and his dad were watching that documentary and I was going to bed but I got sucked into it. ALSO, you should have seen Webster. He was RIVETED by it. Seriously, he never took his eyes off the screen once. I also really enjoyed the documentary, I really like watching animal shows like that! I love that it's sparked a new obsession for you :)

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