Jun 25, 2012

On being happy in the moment

This weekend was the epitome of perfection. It included two coffee dates, a fabulous book club, conversations with cousins that reminded me how much fun my family is, a pedicure with my sweet mother-in-law where we both pretty much melted into puddles of relaxation, silly jokes with Ben, and lots of me time.

What's not to love?

Maybe it's that I'm embracing things, or the fact that for once I'm going to enjoy summer to its fullest and not rush through it (although we all know how I feel about fall), or maybe it's the extra energy I'm getting from my new sugar detox (more on that tomorrow), but this weekend there wasn't one moment that I didn't enjoy.

Happy in the moment? Yes indeed.

When was your latest happy in the moment feeling?


Annie said...

Loved our chat. You're a great person and I am so fortunate to call you a cousin and friend. Have a good week!

Gracie said...

Just sitting on the porch in pajamas reading books this weekend! Ah!

Amber said...

I am trying REALLY hard to embrace that as much as possible over the next two weeks. I know that these 2 weeks are special and something I won't ever get back but will hopefully always look back on fondly, so I need to be as in the moment as possible!

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