Jul 6, 2012

The great sugar detox

I'm in the midst of a sugar detox. I've never done a detox or cleanse before, and I really had no desire to - I feel like cleanses cycle around and become popular every couple of years and I'd pretty much written them off. However, the more I learn about myself and PCOS, the more I'm interested in making my health a priority and trying things I wasn't necessarily open to before.

I recently found Donielle's site, and her blog has been a wonderful addition to my Google reader. I signed up for her newsletter and in that found her (free!) e-book, for a sugar detox challenge. Honestly? I kind of rolled my eyes when I first saw the title - I mean, what, you stop eating things that are bad for you and you're "detox-ed" right?

Oh-ho-ho so wrong.

The concept behind this detox is not to deprive yourself of anything that has sugar, but rather to gradually phase things out so you don't crave it anymore, and replace it with natural sweeteners in much better moderation. 

The challenge is for two months with a weekly challenge that so far has seemed really attainable. You build on the challenges, so what you were doing in week one you're still doing at the end of week eight. It alternates between giving things up, and making different choices, and I like that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

Ben and I are doing it together - we're headed into week three (we start our weeks Friday mornings so we're not tempted to "cheat" over the weekend), and we're amazed already at how much more energy we have!

Sugar can be a big proponent in PCOS, so I'm more than happy to try and eliminate as much of it from my routine as possible - and so far this detox has helped re-start my weight loss - a win in my book!

Have you ever done a detox or a cleanse? Was it purely a "fad" or was it something that was well put-together like this? Did you do it with someone or did you fly solo?

Happy Friday!

**While Donielle's e-book is free, it is copyrighted, so I won't be sharing things directly from the challenge itself, just my reactions to it. If you want a copy head over to her site!**


HC said...

Very interesting! I always hear about detoxes and, like you, think they are just a fad. I have been tempted to try one though, but never really been self-motivated enough to try. Good for you taking a step and trying something new! I just have to take a look at that ebook...

Donna said...

I gave up "added sugar" for a week and it was very hard to do. I have such a sweet tooth and I thought that would help to tame it. It did, but it also really limits your options of what to eat. Sugar seems to be in everything these days.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

This sounds interesting! I've thought about doing something like this myself. Sugar is definitely one of my big problems!

Unknown said...

it's going really well and excess weight just works itself out and you feel amazing. I really wish everybody would do this, God bless my lovely wife for finding this.

Darcie said...

I am so proud of you guys for doing this. I think it is awesome!

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