Jul 18, 2012

Halfway through, yet no end in sight

I had a whole post in my head about inspiration and how I've been not only loving the yoga classes I've been taking but I feel like I'm becoming more hippie crunchy and how I'm embracing it. I even had a muffin the other day called hippie crunch muffin. (No I am not kidding, and yes it was delicious).

However, I thought before posting a peace, love, hope, post I should tell you about two nights ago...in the spirit of keeping it real.

Ben and I are at the halfway mark in our sugar detox and in a lot of ways it's been fabulous. I get hungrier now but I also stay full longer because I'm not packing my body full of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories - I'm choosing things that are better.

But the other night? Sh*t got real.

I had a rough day a couple days ago. It all boils down to miscommunication on a grand scale, but the day ended with me in tears, curled up in bed with my kindle, not wanting to talk to anyone. (Bless Ben and his ability to realize that - he simply made dinner and left me alone. He's a keeper that one).

Normally after a day like that I'd have a glass a wine with dinner or while I was reading, but I didn't because of the sugar factor. Frustrating, but not the end of the world. Until I moved from my bed to the couch (still reading), and my thoughts shifted from wine to cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies to be exact.

The kind of delicious chocolate chip cookies that I know the store closest to my house sells. I was almost drooling just thinking about them.

The good news was we didn't have anything sugar-y in our kitchen. The bad news was we didn't have anything sugar-y in our kitchen. I had some crackers and the whole time I was thinking horrible thoughts about them, even while I noticed they were filling me up more than the cookies would have. I looked through our whole pantry and deemed it all unacceptable. I hated everything one minute and needed it all the next.

I forced myself to just keep reading.

Later I was able to recognize the awesome mood swing for what it was - a craving. The first really bad craving I'd had so far. I'm pretty lucky to have gotten to this point without one and I know I'll have more, but that first one? It was a doozy.

I didn't cave. I didn't eat anything sweet, and I didn't go out and buy cookies (although I was very very close at one point).

What amazed me was how I was able to distinguish between knowing this wasn't a "I want to eat my feelings" kind of mood, I wanted the sugar. Needed the sugar. Had to have the sugar. But I also knew in the back of my head that this was the first bad craving and if I could get through this, the others would be easier. (If that's not the case please don't burst my bubble).

Will there be more cravings? I'm sure. Will the moods swings be as bad? Man, I hope not. But I'm seeing what sugar does to my body, and that's motivation not to give in. I want to be in control of my body and my moods and not be at the mercy of sugar.

Four weeks down, four to go.

Have you ever had a really bad craving that affected your mood? How did you handle it?

Happy hump day!


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Ugh. . I understand this WAY too well! :) I've tried detoxes before and know the feeling of that insane craving. And. . . sometimes I've caved and driven to the store. Out of control, I tell you!! Good for you for powering through it.

Question: I'm no nutritionist, but my husband has done a lot of reading and researching on the concept of carbs and how they break down as sugar as well. Are you decreasing them at all along with the refined sugar detox?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Way to go and fight through that craving! I used to be a soda junkie. Big time. I'd have it for breakfast. Lunch. Afternoon Snack. At night. You name it. Then I moved to Colorado for the summer with a friend (who was super duper healthy) and I decided to stop drinking soda. I did fine for the first month or so. Then one day I realized there was a coke in the basement bar fridge, and in a moment of weakness one morning, I slammed that freaking coke. And then I felt guilty and hid the can... And after all of that I realized that I have a super addictive personality and should avoid things that are even worse for me than soda. Ha. These days, I rarely if ever drink soda. So I've broken that addiction, thank God!

Amber said...

I get really bad sugar cravings too. Like SO BAD. Lately I've just been trying to ignore them for 30 mins and drink lots of water, if they're still there after 30 mins I will indulge with something small but most of the time they're gone. Good for you guys for sticking with this detox!

SewTara said...

My hubby and I have been eating super duper low carb for months. So it also means you basically have no sugary things either. Dark, dark chocolate is about it, which luckily I like, and things with sweetener but we try to avoid that option.

Anyhow, we've been focusing on full fat foods (which suppress your appetite) and protein (which is more filling than carbs) we also eat the low carb veggies. I've only been at it since about February and I'm down 25 pounds. The first few days were stupid hard but then you just stop wanting the carby things. I could walk through a bakery now and not even care. When you eat carbs your blood sugars go all wonky and when you plummet hours later you have a craving. Those have gone away for me entirely. Because I'm eating the way I am, I am rarely hungry and I've really come to know what real hunger is. It's been a super crazy journey. Of course my hubby has lost about 40 pounds, but he started before me! hehe

I totally believe you have to follow the eating lifestyle that works for you so good for you for listening to your body and getting to know it in relation to food! Keep up the good work!

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