Jul 25, 2012

Mid-week musings

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile and thought it would be appropriate for some mid-week fun!

What would your post-it notes say today?

(Want to make your own? Click here!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dear Summer - We've had fun, but you can go away and let fall come on the scene. Well, unless you get rid of the humidity. Then you can stick around as long as you'd like.

Dear Run Club - Thanks for making marathon training SO much more fun.

Dear People in my Life - Thank you for making me feel so incredibly loved and supported yesterday. And every day.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Mine would say...

Dear Mother Nature,
Send more rain - IMMEDIATELY. Corn and soybeans are important and they are dying. Oh, and our grass is not pretty when it's brown and dead.

Dear Mother Nature,
Triple digit temps for the past 10 days isn't funny. Really, it's not.

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for the rain we're finally getting tonight. Keep it coming.

Yeah, that was a tad obnoxious! ;)

See you in a WEEK, Becky!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Amber said...

Dear Summer, I love you! Don't end so quickly!

Dear running, I kind of miss you but also kind of don't. I'm sure we'll rekindle eventually.

Dear days, you go by wayyyy too fast. Can we please discuss adding a few more hours in? Thanks!

Nora said...

Oh, the toddler chasing. I so can relate to that :) I think after awhile I have learned to function on no sleep.

Dear Monday: please, oh please be kinder next week.

Attention wedding: hurry up and get here. I'm ready for you!

Motivation: please come back.

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