Jul 10, 2012

The perfect Saturday

Have you ever had a perfect Saturday? If not, let me show you how it's done.

It starts with yoga...

...then onto coffee, a pedicure, and lunch with a friend. Lots of hang out time with your sister and cousin...

...one more coffee stop for an afternoon pick-me-up...
...and finish it off with a movie you enjoy so much this will be the third time you've seen it.
What does your perfect Saturday look like?


Lucy The Valiant said...

That looks pretty perfect to me! Avengers is good enough to see over and over again!

Anonymous said...

That looks pretty perfect to me, Becky! Mine would be waking up, breakfast & trashy TV, planning a big meal, grabbing ingredients, coming home and having a nap (KEY!) and then making it for that evening and staying up late on the patio with friends :)

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