Aug 14, 2012

A little check-in

So this summer fun list? Kind of the best thing ever. Not so much because it's a list and I'm checking things off (although let's be honest, that's definitely fun), but more because the list is giving me freedom - things on it are so fun to do I'm not worried about if I finish all of them or not.

I know, you're probably a little worried at this point - I mean, where did Becky go - the one who loved lists and getting things done? Don't worry, I'm still here...I'm just enjoying summer to its fullest. But to prove I'm not a totally different person quite yet, I wanted to check in and let you know how it's going.
A picture of a nearby park - which I'm taking advantage of

What I've done:
Take three yoga classes
Visit a winery
Go putt-putt golfing
Wear only sundresses for a weekend
Visit two museums never been to before
Savor the little moments
Visit the National Zoo
Attend a show/play/concert
Frequent the farmer's market
Go for a drive
Sit on a porch swing at sunset
Enjoy fresh flowers
See The Dark Knight Rises
Buy an apron and then put it to use (Amber actually helped with this one!)
Enjoy the view of the Potomac from the porch of Mount Vernon

What's left to do (some of which are in the works):
Lounge by the pool
Get a monthly pedicure
Buy a maxi dress
Re-read a "classic"
Read on the patio
Have tea with friends
Take a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium
Have a date night that involves candles
"Unplug" for a whole day
Spend a morning on the National Mall, people-watching
Have a monthly girls night with wine
Race a go-cart

Not sure I'll get to all the ones that are left, but we'll see. Have you made a summer fun list? How's it going? Are you like me and not too worried about everything being finished?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You have gotten a lot done! I actually put together a very short summer fun list to post on Friday as I was starting to feel like I wanted to wish summer away. So I put together a list that will help me savor this last month of summer.

If you don't get around to re-reading a classic this summer, maybe we could do that together this fall and do a blog swap, kind of like we did w/ The Bell Jar!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

You have gotten a lot done!!! I think you'll get a lot more done too because we really have a month a half left! I bet we'll have a long summer... I'm hoping for sixties throughout September and into October... :)

Nora said...

If you race a go kart, please take photos. =)

Amber said...

You have done a lot! I wanted to do a summer bucket list this year but the whole wedding thing kind of took over my ENTIRE summer. I literally cannot believe it's the middle of August already. Next summer I will be doing one for sure!!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Love your list and you are doing awesome checking things off. I did a summer bucket list on my phone on the way to Seattle and Vancouver- I haven't checked it to see how I'm doing though haha. Probably should do that!

Em said...

Accomplish the maxi dress goal right now!

I adore my maxi from old navy.

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