Aug 2, 2012

Almost done but not yet finished

So last time I talked about this sugar detox I was recovering from a big fat sugar craving. Well, Ben and I are about to enter week seven of this eight-week challenge and I'm happy to report my cravings are pretty much non-existent at this point.

I've learned so much during this sugar detox - for instance, a lot of times when I crave something sweet it's not because I actually want to eat, it's because of another factor like being stressed or tired. What's that? You say you already knew that? Well I did too, but actually recognizing and identifying it for what it is? Huge step for me.

Lately I've actually been "cheating" a bit, eating things that are sugary every so often to see if I still enjoy them as much as I once did. So far? It does not. I bought something the other night that I threw out after two bites because it tasted like chemicals.

I've also been trying things here and there because I'm trying to find my "trigger" foods - the foods where even though I know it has a lot of sugar/is bad for me I still want to eat it anyway - and I have yet to find one. I'm sure I'll have something at one point and I'll have to try not to overindulge but again, NOT craving these things? Amazing!

I've also recently discovered Izze drinks - I know, I know, late to the game but they are all natural, no added sugar and they are delicious! They sell them at Starbucks so the past couple nights I've gone to the store where Ben works and gotten one - so light and refreshing for summer. (Plus it gives Ben a little eye candy when I visit him at work - win win!)
I know I sound all sweet and sugary (get it - sugary) about this detox but I'm just so happy I got to this point. I didn't think I could do it so not only am I proud of myself but I'm much happier because I'm not putting so much junk in my body.

There might be a couple things Ben and I revert to for refined sugar (vanilla lattes for instance - the sugar-free ones just aren't the same), but overall I think we're going to continue with these changes we've made and make them a permanent choice in our lives. I love to bake in the fall and I'm excited to substitute sugar for more natural sweeteners in recipes and see how that changes things. (I mean what's fall without these cookies?)

Have you ever done a detox? How did you feel at the end of it? Did you make your temporary choices permanent? Do you love Izze drinks too?

Happy almost Friday! 


Karen Bee said...

Izze drinks are SO good! I also like the LaCroix flavored sparkling water - lime is really refreshing. There are so many better options than sugary soda out there :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I haven't tried Izze drinks, but I will have to check them out since you like them so much! I am impressed that you did so well with this challenge! I would have a hard time giving up regular vanilla lattes as I can't stand the sugar free ones... they taste SO sugary to me!!

I have given up gluten (permanently) and dairy. I never ever have gluten and I honestly do not crave foods that have gluten - most of the time. My heart does ache a bit for bread when I am out for dinner or when they sold baguettes for 1 euro in France... But besides that, I really don't crave it. And then with dairy, I 100% eliminated it, but now I have it 1-3 times a week. I used to be a HUGE consumer of cheese, now I don't even miss it, which is shocking as I ate alot of it!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I've never done a detox like this, but I think it would definitely be good for me! I'm not a big sweets person and I usually crave more savory items, but I do know I eat a lot of unnecessary sugars unknowingly.

I'll have to try those Izze drinks!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

PS: See you TODAY! Ahh!

nora said...

Kudos to you for doing this! I think I'd fail. I guess the closest I came was over Lent earlier this year when I gave up chocolate. And for me life without chocolate might as well be life without sugar. The first week was really hard... I was a jittery mess. But I got used to it and it was ok. And then I indulged a bit after Lent, and, well, that was silly. I'm taking a page from you and while I'm not doing a total detox, I'm only allowing myself one dessert a week (for me that's where my sugar comes from) and will see how that goes.

I have not yet had an Izze drink but I have heard great things!

Amber said...

So glad the sugar detox has went so well for you! I really need to work on eating less sugar. It's one thing that I do eat A LOT of! I've never done any sort of detox of cleanse but I'm thinking of doing one this fall!

Melissa said...

I read a great article somewhere that said that when you crave some particular super sweet or bad foods, your body is actually telling you that you're needing something else! Like if you crave chocolate, you could do with some magnesium supplement... That type of thing. It really had me thinking of how often I crave certain foods when maybe it's just my body's way of saying that I'm lacking other things & yet I'm giving it all this bad food. Sugar detoxes are tough but so rewarding- glad yours is going well! :D

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