Aug 6, 2012

August advantages

Amber and I had a fabulous weekend. We visited monuments, drank lots of coffee, I introduced her to the Bourne movies (hellooo Matt Damon), and we talked and talked until we both collapsed into bed each night.

I was able to take some pictures (more on this later - promise), but one of the things I must have said to Amber at least a dozen times this weekend is doing tourist-y stuff and visiting places in this area never gets old for me. I can look at a monument a hundred times and each time see something different or find something new about it I hadn't noticed before.
(World War II Memorial in D.C. - my favorite)
So far I've created a pretty magical year for myself. I've made monthly goals for myself - some of which I've blown out of the water, some of which were a big fat fail, and some that I forgot to make all together *cough July cough*.

My goal for August is to take advantage of what's around me. I live close to Washington, D.C. - a place people come from all over the country (or even the world) to see. I need to visit it more, and not just when I have company. I live near lots of little pockets of awesome - places within close distance that I need to take advantage of.

I will blog about these places I visit or things I do - to share with you all, and also to help keep me accountable. (Nothing like the internet for some accountability, huh?) I'm already making plans for this weekend!

Do you take advantage of what's around you? Do you ever play tourist in your own city? Have you been setting monthly goals for yourself this year - how are you doing with them?


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

I do here in London, where I live but will forever feel like a tourist as well. I hope to continue to take advantage of what's nearby when I eventually return home to Melbourne. Washington DC has long been on my to visit list so I'm excited to see it through a local's eyes.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think that is a great goal, and clearly there is SO MUCH for you to see and do around you. I am so so about taking in what my city has to offer. There aren't as many attractions as other cities might have, but the Twin Cities has alot to offer and I really should get out of my comfort zone/routine more often and discover new areas! Can't wait to see what all you end up doing!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I LOVE that goal! You are lucky to live where you do, but I can see how easy it is to kind of forget about it and work around the touristy traps! The one time I did live in a tourist area (Myrtle Beach) I did not take for it for granted, mainly... the beach. I went as often as I possibly could because it just blew me away that I lived that close to an OCEAN. For this Iowa girl, that was a treat! My only regret was not making it down to Charleston. I know I will go back someday though.

As I drove into Iowa, I started to think about where I would take visitors, and I actually had some ideas. So maybe someday I can show bloggers around my hometown! :)

I had such a wonderful time with you! I am so glad we both had such a good weekend, it is definitely a memory I will never forget!

Amber said...

Awesome goal! I think we do kind of take advantage of what's around us but also not so much. There is SO MUCH TO DO within a 1 hour driving radius of us in the summertime that it can seem overwhelming to try and fit it all in. One thing I would like to do is go to the lake more and hike more!

Nora said...

When we have the kidlets we tend to play tourist more mostly because they haven't seen all the stuff we have! It's a lot of fun. Knight and I are trying to find new/fun/free things to do as well (ah, budgets. Such a special thing) and it's been working well for us. I don't think we take advantage of all that we can; something I/we should probably work on. Glad you had an awesome weekend!

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