Aug 30, 2012

Baking away the bad

I had a looong day yesterday, and for the first time in awhile I had the urge to bake something. (Remember when baking used to scare me? Ah, memories).

However, since the end of my sugar detox I've been hoping to change up some recipes to see if I can make them healthier. So last night I made Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. I used only whole wheat flour, and I substituted agave for white sugar. Halfway through I told Ben I hoped they turned out okay and he asked, "so...there's a chance these might taste like crap?" I laughed and told him that was a very real possibility.
(This is what a tired baker looks like).

They baked just fine, but I feel like there were more than the last time I made them, and they definitely looked more...firm? That sounds kind of weird but that's the best way I can think to describe them.
How did they taste? Well...not bad by any means, but maybe a bit drier and a little more dense than I would expect from muffins. To be honest that's more than I was expecting so I'm calling it a win.

Do you ever bake away a bad mood? Have you ever altered a recipe to make it healthier? What are some tips you use?

Happy almost Friday!


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

Sometimes I wonder if some of my colleagues intentionally push me towards a bad/stressful day as they know (a) I bake as a stress relief and (b) usually bring the treats in afterwards. Sucks you had a bad day but hope you enjoyed the muffins though (and did Ben?)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Those look really tasty! I love that you're wearing the apron too!! It looks so adorable on you!

My dad always bakes with zucchini and he just made some zucchini bread with cocoa powder that I swear ended up tasting like brownies! I told them they had to stop bringing us some because I could not stop eating it!

Anonymous said...

I made zucchini bread 2weeks ago and had the same sort of heavy, dense results. In my case, I think the zucchini I used was on the 'older' side so the water content was fairly dry which didn't help the consistency of the batter prebaking, so maybe that is what occurred with yours too?
I'm wondering the ratio you used for substituting the white sugar for the agave- I've tried this a few times and maybe it's my poor math but I never seem to get it right!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

They look yummy! Baking is not really a 'comforting' activity for me as gluten free baking honestly stresses me out. Things turn out weird sometimes and it's just a hassle... But I definitely use other activities to chase away the sads, like reading, writing blog posts, knitting, or my favorite is running.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you used just "normal" whole wheat flour. But for baking things like this--whole wheat pastry flour makes things much lighter and just like white flour. They still look delicious! :)

Donna said...

Substituting yogurt or sour cream for the milk will make them more moist.

Wheat flour will tend to make things taste a little heavier/more dense. Joy of Cooking recommends substituting only half of the white flour with wheat, and leaving the rest white. I have just gotten used to how things taste with only wheat flour in them. I think Trader Joe's sells a white whole wheat flour that is a little bit on the lighter side, but I only bought that once about a year ago when I was trying to bake bread. I also sometimes throw in a little bit of ground flaxseed to muffins or pancakes to add some fiber. I love to bake muffins and I have experimented with all kinds of substitutions.

I made these muffins recently using whole wheat, and they were very good and not dry at all

Amber said...

Looks delicious!! I used to find comfort in baking or cooking too but I haven't for a long time. I need to try that again!

Holly said...

Baking stresses me out so I never do it when I have a bad/stressful day. I buy ice cream instead. I don't substitute ingredients but I do add healthy things - ie cauliflour to mashed potatos, or squash to pasta sauce. In small quantities you can't really tase it and it's the only way I can get vegetables into my boys!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I don't tend to make things 'healthier' when baking. If I've gotten the motivation to bake, it usually must be something delicious and not so good for you. However, I am a fan of the yellow cake / can of pumpkin cake that I guess isn't too bad for you. ;)

Nora said...

I totally bake when I'm in a not so great mood, that is definitely for sure. As for making it healthier? I probably make it worse for myself.I would definitely consider those results a win! What did Ben think of them?

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