Sep 11, 2012

Part two

My goal for September is to take it week by week and I firmly believe this was the best decision I've made in awhile.

While I was at the Con on Saturday I was in the moment and enjoyed myself fully, and the same holds true for Sunday. I had an apple picking date with my friend Caroline and the morning get-together turned into an all-day hangout! I was tired by the end of the weekend but in such a great mood because I had so much fun both days and wasn't thinking about anything except what I was doing right then.

When I got up yesterday the weather was cool, the breeze was sweet, and it was like Autumn was rewarding me for being in the moment. Thanks friend.

So. I could tell you about my Sunday...but I'd rather show you.

After we got back from the orchard we visited my favorite yarn store, then headed back to Caroline's where we ate sushi, drank wine, and I taught her to knit. (That's right, I'm converting people).

We watched football and it was so much fun! Unfortunately we couldn't see the Lions' game (regional coverage in this area), but we checked the scores online and I even had people tweeting things at me about that game. From what I understand the Lions didn't play very well, but they scored in the last TEN seconds and WON THE GAME! That's how we roll in Detroit, people. (But seriously guys, you had your first "warmup" kind of game - let's play better next week, mmkay?)

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever tried taking it "week by week?" How did it go? Were you as happy about the Lions' win as I was? 

(I didn't want to write this post without mentioning that it's the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I believe the best way to honor those that died that day is to fully live, and know that we will never forget).


Nora said...

Love the photos! I've never been apple picking before. I should probably fix that.

I'm definitely more of a week by week, sometimes day by day girl, especially as of late =)

Totally with you on living fully even on days like today... I think it's important and I blogged for the same reason!

Sarah said...

How wonderful! I've always wanted to go apple picking, and these bright blue skies and crisp air definitely makes me want to add that to my list. Also, I love that your day evolved as you went along - those are the best kinds of days. :)

As an introvert, I often think that the ONLY way I can refuel is to spend time alone, or at least "unscheduled". I've been learning the same thing that you are, that spending time with the right people can also be quite invigorating.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a really awesome weekend! That picture of you peaking through the apple tree reminds me of the pictures we took of us peeking through the apple blossom trees on my trip to DC! :)

When I am training for a marathon, I live life a week at a time. I try not to look ahead at the weeks to come as it will freak me out way too much. I am trying to be especially good about taking life a week at a time right now with all the craziness at work between my traveling and my former boss leaving the company. I am doing a so-so job at this...

Amber said...

I'm glad you had such a great 'in-the-moment' weekend! Those kinds of weekends or times are usually the best! Apple picking seems SO FUN! I should look into it around here as I know their are tons of orchards in the area.

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