Sep 10, 2012

The Con

So...remember how I mentioned I would be spending Saturday at the Baltimore Comic Con?

Ben and Mike were there to promote the first issue of their comic, Ethan Stone P.I, and it was awesome! The book got a wonderful response, we met a lot of great people, and saw lots of fabulous things!

Creators of Ethan Stone P.I.
Only PART of the line outside the Convention Center waiting to get in!
Stan Lee...comic book legend!

We laughed for five minutes when we saw this guy - dressed as THIS guy.
And really...what better way to end the day than posing for a picture with Bane? (The villain from The Dark Knight Rises).
(This is my don't eff with me face).
This weekend was a great start, but is also just the beginning! We'd love your support! Ben and Mike describe Ethan as part Indiana Jones, part MacGyver - a paranormal investigator who specializes in "other world" endeavors.

You can "like" Ethan Stone P.I. on facebook, follow Ethan Stone P.I. on twitter, and buy the first issue (only $3!) by emailing ethanstonepi at gmail dot com (if you order before the end of today, no shipping!)

Have you ever been to a Comic Con? (Or taken a baller picture with Bane)? Have you ordered your copy of Ethan Stone P.I. yet? How was your weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I hope this was a fruitful weekend for Ben and Mike. They are both incredibly talented, and I am sure it was very exciting for them to be surrounded by people that share their passion for comic books! Way to go, drawing Ben!! :)

Nora said...

That's such a neat experience! And so cool that you saw Stan Lee. (I know him from my days on the Big Bang Theory.) I may have to order a copy of this book for my dad... he loves comic books!

Amber said...

Omg that last picture is hilarious. Was it just a coincidence you were wearing a batman shirt or did you put that on for the photo?!? lol

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