Oct 1, 2012

Areas of resistance

September found me taking the month week by week and while I'm amazed it flew by so quickly I am so full and happy because I savored the moment of everything while it was happening.

But this month's goal? It's already blowing my mind.

I was in a yoga class last week and during a comfortable (but challenging) pose, our instructor said, breathe through your areas of resistance.

It was exactly what I needed to hear at the moment, to bring my focus back to my breath, and it was powerful imagery as I sunk deeper into the pose and let myself relax and really breathe into all the areas that felt tight and were being stretched.

I've been thinking about that phrase ever since.

Breathe through your areas of resistance.

This will be my goal for October. To breathe through any areas of resistance - whether that's a frustrating day, sitting in traffic, managing my time, or even a yoga pose. I'm going to take a deep breath, realize that moment I'm in - no matter how hard - is not the end of the world, and will not last forever.

Breathe through your areas of resistance.

This phrase is such a beautiful metaphor. I'm excited to see what it brings for me.

Have you ever breathed through an area of resistance? What's your goal for this month?

Happy October!


AshleyD said...

This is actually one of my favorite things about yoga and I love how I've grown and been able to go back to my breath in times of stress and frustration. It's amazing how much it centers you and takes the focus away from the resistance. :)

Amber said...

That is one of my favourite things about yoga and how it translates to real life, no matter what kind of tough spot you're in you really just need to breathe through it because 'this too shall pass'. Great intention for October!

Nora said...

Love it.
Yes, I have done that but the sad part of it is that I don't do it often enough... like today for example :)

Thanks for the reminder. I think I'll need it this week for sure. xo

Annie said...

I love this - thanks for the reminder!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, I could have used this reflection yesterday at work when I about blew a gasket over the disorganization of some co-workers and the fact that they ALWAYS call when they need something due to their disorganization! I should also use this when I get annoyed when traveling!

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