Oct 30, 2012

Unexpected comforts

So we survived the hurricane - or rather, we survived some of the storms off of the hurricane.

Yesterday was wind, rain, wind...and then Ben had to go into work. I was furious at Corporate Starbucks and the customers who kept coming in during the bad weather, keeping him there, but that's a post for another time.

We kept our power until 9:30 last night, and as of now we still don't have it back on. I'm sitting in Starbucks right now - Ben is working and I just want to be near him for a little while longer. (Plus the heat and power are a nice bonus today).
Our apartment is in the front of our building and there's a dumpster less than 100 feet from us. I called our apartment complex Sunday (before the storm started) to let them know the doors on that dumpster didn't latch - one of the doors had an anchor to keep it grounded but the other one did not. I had visions of that door being torn off in the wind and flying straight into us.

It wasn't fixed before the weather picked up, but it ended up being an unexpected comfort to me. The winds were so loud, and once our power went out it sounded even worse. But every so often I'd hear the door banging against the dumpster and it made me smile. It was like the door was saying, "I'm still on, I'm still here, it'll be fine."

I feel very grateful, and very lucky - there are stories all up and down the East Coast of damage, and deaths, and search and rescues happening. (There was a tree that went through an entire house about 20 minutes south of us!) So to be without power for a bit? I'll count myself blessed - because all my loved ones are okay, and I can find places with power and heat to spend my time.

We got the tail end of the storm here, and at times it was terrifying, so I can't even imagine what people in New Jersey and New York were experiencing. Thinking about all those people that are still experiencing storm weather, or wondering if their family and friends are okay, and hoping they find some unexpected comforts of their own.


Nora said...

This gave me goosebumps; I have several family members in Staten Island and Brooklyn not to mention all my friends up and down the coast of the storm and to know that you and Ben are ok (despite him having to work) makes me feel so much better. I woke up worrying about everyone I know in the area today so I'm so, so glad to see this post. Love you.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Glad to hear you're hanging in there and found your own creature comforts during the storm. My parents in Boston seemed to experience similar weather to you - wind and rain, but no serious damage. My brother lives in a beach town in northern New Jersey. His building is a 1/2 mile from the water. I got a quick message from him this morning - no power, no cell reception (other than texts), but they are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

Do you get a discount since Ben works for Starbucks? I'm glad you are safe :)

Melissa said...

This whole thing hitting so close to home is really scary. We've gotten the tail end of many storms here in Montreal, but never scary enough to make a big fuss about or anything. We're on storm warning from yesterday straight til Saturday (and last night the winds were really quite scary) but otherwise, it's NOTHING compared to our not-so-far-away neighbors in NYC. I love that city, and this whole situation just sucks so hard for them. I can't believe some places in the world deal with this ALL THE TIME... Without all our comforts to go back to once it's all said and done.

Anyways, glad you guys are safe & made it out without too many problems!! Hope your power comes back soon :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you are ok! How scary! I was thinking of you all while the last couple of days, and am glad you are safe and sound!

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