Nov 28, 2012

For all the baristas

November is Barista Bundle month for More Love Letters - and since I'm a fan of baristas I thought I would share a letter I sent in for the bundle.
Dear Incredible Coffee Creator,
You are AMAZING. Yes you - the one who might be tired from a long day of serving coffee. Let me pick you up more than a shot of espresso.

I'll say it again. YOU ARE AMAZING. You spend so much of your time bringing joy to others. It might just seem like a coffee but I guarantee it is more than that.

To a new parent it might be an elixir of peace from the sleepless nights and crying children. To a businessman it might be the boost they need before a big presentation. But to a college student it might be a treat to help them get through a crucial study session. The common thread here is you.

Your hands are the ones making those moments possible. And while it might seem like just another peppermint this or eggnog that, you are giving someone a little piece of joy.

So for all the times you don't hear it - THANK YOU. Thank you for making countless drinks, each better than the last. Thank you for your patience when minds are changed and machines malfunction. You make a difference, and we are thankful.

A coffee drinker

You still have a few days to send in a letter for a Barista Bundle - groups of letters that will be hand-delivered to coffee shops all over NYC! (You can also leave one locally and tweet or email a picture to help with the love letter map - find out more here!)

Have you written a love letter lately?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love it! I have definitely always thought that would be a really hard job!

Jen said...

I may print this and hang it up on our board. My fellow baristas would love it :)

Nora said...

Does writing a really awesome thank you note count as a love letter? Probably not but I still have about 25 thank you notes to go for the wedding so that's what I'm focusing on (for now). =)

Alli said...

Love this! Love it almost as much as I love my grande skim peppermint hot chocolate, no whip, extra hot. See even us non-coffee drinkers have a lot to thank baristas for.

Anonymous said...

I love coffee! In fact I am trying to start my own blog called "coffee with tams" Could you give me a shout out on your blog? I would greatly appreciate it:)

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

I really, really love this. :)

B said...

What a lovely idea! I bet those who receive the cards will love them.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh bummer... I should have participated in this as I LOVE coffee and my friendly barristas at the SBUX I go to!

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