Nov 8, 2012

Lessons from my teeth

Today found me at the dentist's office, ready to get a dowel put in on the tooth where I had my second root canal. They were also going to take care of a cavity in the front of that tooth since I'd be numb - usually about 20 minutes for both.

However, that cavity turned into - surprise! - another root canal, one where my dentist was impressed that I hadn't been in pain. (It was major deja vu). I had a long discussion with him and we've come to the conclusion that all these problems with my teeth are a combination of crappy genes (no really), and crappy dentistry before I started seeing him. He pointed out things that could have been prevented if they had been done differently and after the experience I had with my previous dentist I feel vindicated that my dislike of him wasn't just in my head.

Anyway, I figure I have to be able to laugh about this because otherwise I'm just going to lose it. So similar to my post about what I've learned from the Lions, I thought I would write a tongue in cheek (pun definitely intended), post about what my teeth have taught me.
*The third time really is the charm. This was my third root canal in a month and a half and when the dentist told me he had to do one (he'd already started the procedure), instead of panicking or getting nervous, I said, "whatever, do what you need to do."

*Teeth are more expensive than Kate Spade purses. Or Louis Vuitton bags. Or Coach, get the picture. My dental insurance is awesome but I have definitely maxed out my cap so this root canal (and the following dowels - since we never did get to that first one today), will be coming out of my pocket. All I want for Christmas is...all of my teeth.

*Tuning out the sound of a drill is a skill to possess. Seriously. Who else can claim they do this?

*The laser used to help get rid of decay sounds like gunfire. Which makes me feel like a badass. It's like an action movie in my mouth.

*You can care for something and it will still screw you over. I floss, I have a water pick, a sonic care toothbrush, and use fluoride. I can't do much else to help my teeth stay healthy. (I could however open up a black market cleaning service. Hmm).

*Take pride in what makes you unique. For me that means the fact that the canals in this tooth were so tiny when we were done the dentist said he should send in the x-ray scan to a magazine. The caption could read, "this chick makes you earn your paycheck."

*You have to be able to joke with your doctor. Or at least, I have to. When the dentist finished today he said, "okay, see you next time," and I replied, "yeah man, you're my new best friend." Except I was super numb when I said it so it came out more like "yeah man, hour my ew bef fren." We both laughed.

When was your last trip to the dentist? Have your teeth taught you any lessons?

Happy almost Friday!


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

OH man, I don't know how you are doing this so optimistically! I hate the dentist and all stuff related to my teeth. I am lucky that my mom and dentists took good care of my teeth so I don't need to see the dentist any more often than usual most of the time. I hope this is the LAST of your root canals!

Anonymous said...

lol! Laser's making gunfire noises in your mouth?

You are a bad ass. Aaaaand now I'm picturing you making slow motion running arms while you were having your root canal done ;)

Katie said...

I have bad teeth genes and the extra luck of being diabetic....bad teeth abound. I feel your pain my friend. Hope this is it for you for awhile!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'VE HAD THREE ROOT CANALS. I wish you could have a Kate Spade purse instead...!

Lindsey said...

I've spent this year getting my teeth fixed too! I've only had one root canal, but I had to get it re-checked 3 times because it kept getting inflamed! My dentist told me the same thing yours did, that had someone done it right the first time, I wouldn't be having such issues now. As it is, they're going to have to re-do a root canal I had done 10 years ago. What I'm saying is, I'm with you girl!

Nora said...

I hate the dentist. HATE. The last trip for me was earlier this year and the next one is in February. The sound of the drill and the picks and all that jazz. It totally stresses me out. You are a trooper. And this is a really hilarious post =) (Though I'm sorry it's come at such an expense and amount of pain!)

Alli said...
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Alli said...

Oh no! I didn't think anyone had worse luck with teeth than me, but you win.

I am terrified of the dentist even though the dentist I go to know is awesome. Still I'd rather be shopping for Kate Spade purses!

Here's hoping this was the last of it.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You're such a trooper and have a darn good attitude about your mouth. After Gavin spent 5 weeks in the NICU, I wound up writing a post about benefits from the NICU... and there seriously were some benefits.

My last trip to the dentist was fine, but her office is killing me. They have screwed up our billing to the point that they're still not sure what they filed A YEAR AGO. I don't know how she makes any money...

Stephany said...

Oh, Becky! And here I am, just putting off getting my teeth CLEANED. Somehow, I inherited my dad's teeth because I've had a handful of cavities (all coming after I turned 18) but nothing worse than that. If I had inherited my mom's teeth? WHOLE NOTHER BALLGAME. I've never had a root canal but I always get freaked out that something like that will have to happen.

I am SOOOOO bummed for you - especially now that you'll have to pay some of this out-of-pocket now. NO FUN. BUT. I am glad to see you still have your humor about this and can look back at this and just chuckle at the craziness of it all.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, you are such a good sport. This all sounds so painful. I was so pissed when I had to have a cavity drill - I can't imagine having 3 root canals!! Yikes! And yah, it is SO expensive to get dental work done. My insurance is really cheap and covers the basic cleaning, etc, but anything beyond that is out of pocket and so expensive! I know it's an investment in your teeth, but it still sucks to shell out all that hard earned money!

Ren said...

Oh, no! That really sucks. Fortunately, I've been blessed with good teeth genes. It's only in the last few years that I've really gotten better with my dental care. I make it a point to brush my teeth twice a day. I'm also trying to stay away from drinking too much soda and junky/sugary foods, although it can be hard, because I love both. Especially, Diet Coke, which I know is the worst. Apparently it is bad for your teeth just like any other soda, but I also heard it's bad for your heart. Such a bummer. :-/

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