Nov 1, 2012

October and November

October, you were quite the whirlwind.

My goal for October was to breathe through areas of resistance, and I think it went pretty well. A lot happened last month - there were times when I could have been better, but all things considered I'm going to count this as success.

October brought bangs, celebrating five years of marriage, and taking an incredible vacation with Ben where we didn't want to leave, even after I was mocked by a penguin. In October I did a lot of knitting - I even had a hangout with Kyla and Lisa where we chatted and knitted which was so much fun! October brought not one, but two root canals, preparing, and finding unexpected comforts during a hurricane, and being a little more at ease with planning. Throw in some admiring of leaves, reading great books, and it was quite a crazy 31 days!

So. November. How about a quieter month?

My goal for this month is to put my health first.

I really want to challenge myself here - this isn't just about fitness (although cardio and yoga are big priorities for me), but also getting the right kinds of food, and listening to my body when it tells me to go to bed, even if that means not finishing a movie or a blog post. (Remember how I tried to go to bed at a good time for the month of February...and failed? I'm hoping not to repeat that!)

Some days this will be easy and some days I'm going to fight myself, but I want to ease into the rest of this year feeling my best, and really enjoying the holidays - something I won't do if I'm sleep-deprived and not eating well.

Have you ever made a conscious choice to put yourself first? Was it easier or harder than you expected? Do you have a goal for this month?

Happy November!


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

That sounds like a great goal to me! I'm glad you did well with breathing in your areas of resistance. I definitely think this is a work in progress for me!

Unknown said...

I think that is a great goal! Going to bed at the same time every night is one of those things that is so beneficial, but so understated.

I used to be really bad about staying up late, even when my husband would go to bed. I realized that not only is it important for my health, but it's important for my relationship to go to bed at the same time as him so we can spend a few minutes talking and/or praying before we go to sleep. I still have trouble with the waking up part, though. :\

Good luck with your goal, Becky! I know you'll be successful and it will only get easier with time.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have to make a conscious choice to put myself and my health first when I am training for a marathon as I end up turning down a lot of things. I felt especially bad about missing all of my nephew's football games due to my long runs on Saturdays, but you can't half commit to marathon training - you have to be 'all in'.

Also, now that I am dating, I have to continue to choose my health over spending time with the guy I am seeing. Luckily he works out, too, so we both are choosing to work out on most weeks nights v. seeing each other sometimes. Which works out for both of us as we still make 2-3 nights to see each other!

I'm looking forward to another knitting night this month. ;) I'm working on a new project!

Nora said...

My goal: it's ok to not be busy. and be ok with that. I'm still abuzz from the excitement of September and October which translates into me thinking I have to be busy all the time, which is so not the case! So I need to work on that. Coupled with me actually working out more, which is also something I need to do for ME!

Melissa said...

Excellent November goal- good luck!

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