Nov 17, 2012


I grew up reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. The library and I became great friends, and books as gifts made me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

As I got older I formed opinions - I learned things I did and did not like in a story, I realized there were genres that didn't appeal to me, and in college I learned as an English major you sometimes read really obscure things.

I don't think I fully appreciated how much of a gift reading is until I tutored P - and realized how much I take for granted going about my everyday business.
I was checking out at a bookstore earlier today - I'd picked up a couple Christmas gifts - and as the cashier started going into the speech about did I want to become a member, I started to tune him out. But then he asked, "would you like to donate a book to help underprivileged children?" He started talking about price points for books and I was transported back to the library a few years ago, watching P who was pushing 30, get his first ever library card. When the cashier continued, "every donation helps," I picked up a book from the donation pile and handed it to him. I was fighting back tears, thinking about how much books and reading changed my life, and how some people don't have that opportunity.

Today I am thankful for reading, and all it's done to shape me into who I am.

What are you thankful for today?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is a great way to give back. I think that we definitely take our ability to read for granted and forgot that there is a large population of people who do have not that skill.

Today I am thankful for the gorgeous fall weather. I ran this morning and walked to both brunch this morning and church this evening with a light jacket. It felt fabulous! And it's going to be in the 50s all week!! Hooray!!

Nora said...

That's a great program; one I haven't heard of before. I'm thankful that I lived in a family that encouraged reading for as long as I can remember. We were gifted books and poetry and journals and never were told we couldn't go to the library. It was pretty awesome.

Alli said...

I love love love this so much! Books truly can open up new worlds for people!

Amber said...

Totally agree. It's so important for us to remember that things we take for granted - like learning how and knowing how to read - are not things other people have had the privilege of learning/being exposed to. That lesson has hit home hard for me lots in the last few months. I am also very thankful for my ability to read and my love of reading!

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