Nov 19, 2012

Thankful even when I'm not

Today was kind of crap day. I was busy yesterday (I would say conquering the world, but we all know I was knitting instead), and I didn't get a chance to post a thankful post.

But like I said, today was a crap day. I was in a funk, I no longer had a sense of humor about dentist work and bills, (especially when you add in a surprise cost of four new car tires into the mix), and everything just seemed to get piled on throughout the day.

I'm all about embracing the funk, but even with a bad day, I know I have so much to be thankful for. So right now I'm thankful for friends who will talk/text/tweet with you about silly things to help lift your spirits, and I'm also thankful for Gilmore Girls - a show that always makes me smile regardless of my mood. (I'm curled up with wine watching an episode as I type). 

What are you thankful for today?


AshleyD said...

Today I am thankful for my health. Even though I feel like I'm fighting off a cold and it kinda sucks, it has made me that much more aware of how strong and healthy my body usually feels.

Hope you get out of your funk soon!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. Unexpected expenses on top of other bills SUCK. It is just defeating. I am sorry that all of this is happening at the same time!! Super sucky for sure.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful run I had - in shorts! It was 57 here today and I took advantage of it. The run cleared my head and now I am ready to study more for my stupid exam that I take tomorrow.

Emily said...

Gilmore Girls ALWAYS puts me in a great mood :) Do you also dream of living in Stars Hallow?!
Praying tomorrow is a million times better, friend!

Nora said...

I'm thankful for friends who leave me messages while I'm working that make me laugh out loud and almost spit out the water in my mouth. Know anyone like that? Oh, and Gilmore Girls too, of course :)

Amber said...

I've been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls re-runs lately and I love it!

Right now I am thankful for my job. I honestly love it SO MUCH. I end almost every day lately smiling ear to ear!

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