Feb 12, 2013

A little break

Happy Fat Tuesday!

It's been quiet around here, and I wanted to check in on a few things:

*Sara is the winner of the The Wednesday Sisters giveaway - thanks to all who came to my virtual coffee date!

*I'm loving loving loving my February intention to make the appearance. (I've been posting photos on Instagram and Love Everyday Life's Facebook page if you're interested!)

*Tomorrow is the start of Lent - each year I try to give up something that affects me (not painting my nails, not talking on my cell phone in the car, not pushing the snooze button, etc). This year I'm taking a break from blogging during Lent. It's been a little sparse on here, and I'm going to use the extra time I would spend blogging doing small things for others. (This will also help me figure out the next direction for this blog - if you're not growing, what's the point, right?) I'll miss you all, but I think this will do me some good and I hope to be back refreshed, come Easter.

Do you observe Lent? Are you giving anything up? See you in 40 days!


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I do not observe lent. But I do love me some pazckis!

Alli said...

I'll miss your blog for 40 days, but I think it's so admirable when people give up things that are actually a challenge to them.

Amber said...

Wah wah! I will miss you but I bet it will be a great opportunity to re-think your focus for the blog. I really need to do that too.

Nora said...

Enjoy the break! I thought about giving up blogging, too, but so far I'm just blogging less in general.

This year we are taking on an eco/green friendly challenge through our church. I'm excited about it and think we will learn some (new) things and be conscious (Again) about our consumption and etc. I may also give up some of my favorite snacks but haven't decided; not for weight loss, more just because I want to test my will power!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I will miss you but I know this time away will be well spent! See you in 40 days!!!

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