Apr 3, 2013


When I was younger, I stressed about every. little. thing. (Okay let's be real, sometimes I still do).

When I was younger, if I came home and the ceiling was leaking in our bathroom, and plans had to change, and I got nothing done, I would be a ball of crying stress.

But tonight?

I called our maintenance department and surrendered to the chaos.

(Oh, and ordered pizza).

On tough nights do you fight it or have you learned how to surrender?


Donna said...

Good for you for not letting it ruin your evening. Chaos and having to change plans at the last minute drives me nuts! I have had to let a lot of that go since I've had kids, because that's the nature of the beast, but it still gets to me sometimes.

Nora said...

I do ok with this sometimes and then not ok at other times. If it's just me and Knight I'm fine. If it's us and family or us and the kids, not so much.

I am learning on cutting myself more slack though when it comes to cooking (I can't do it 7 days a week, no Stepford Wife here!), and even household work. I still do it but not necessarily when it was planned to be done. Unless, of course, I have house guests coming =)

Anonymous said...

I'm better at surrendering, but I still have my crazytown moments. Also, pizza makes everything better, so good call there.

Amber said...

YES! This is me too. I used to get so stressed and upset over things I couldn't control or things that haven't happened yet and I've become SO MUCH better about both surrendering and just letting things go. I'm a much happier person because of it. I regularly think now "well it's already happened and there's nothing I can do to change it so might as well not worry about it and figure out a solution."

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I do so so on surrendering. I have not done well at it this week as the unpacking process has not gone very well and I am just overtired and not very fun to be around. I did have to adjust my schedule on Tuesday as I had planned to unpack until 7 and then study but I realized it was best for my state of mind to just keep unpacking.

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