May 28, 2013

Goodbye, Insta-Dri

Dear Insta-Dri,

Let's not mince words. You and me? We're done.

(Yup, it's like that).

You fooled me. You came highly recommended, and for awhile you duped me with your shiny red bottle, and your quick drying skills. But as I got halfway through the first bottle, you started to get...gloppy. I'd paint you over my coats of color, and you would spoil them with bubbles and streaks, and refuse to go on smoothly. There were many nails re-done because of the damage you caused.

But still...I persevered. I thought maybe it was my fault - I hadn't used you enough, or maybe I got a bad bottle. So I gave you a a few more chances and when the problem persisted, I got a new bottle, a fresh start.

But it happened again...and again...and again.

About a week ago, after applying two painstakingly even coats of red polish to my nails, you ruined them. I had to re-do all my efforts, and as I glared at you, I mumbled, "that's it, I am done." I finally reached my breaking point - I hope you're proud.

So this is it. The gauntlet has been thrown. The line drawn in the sand.

I will move on and find something so much better. I would have been in it for the long haul - when I find something I love I am loyal, but I realize now it was nothing but a game to you.

I hope it was worth it. You know how often I paint my nails - and now you'll never be a part of it again.

Oh, and don't kid yourself - it's definitely you, not me.

No Love,


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oh no! I'm so surprised! I still love this stuff and it makes my manicure last so much longer!
I do like the OPI stuff, but it is so expensive (might be worth it though). With a discount from Ulta you might be able to get it at a reasonable deal.

Nora said...

Clever letter! bummer about the nail polish though. Nothing worse than having issues with beauty products!

Kate @ said...

My best friend (who owns 300 nail polishes!) swears by Essie's quick-drying topcoat. She's @elise_moffett on Twitter if you want to chat with her about it. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha ha you crack me up. You are the nail pro - so if you don't use it, then I wouldn't either!

S.I.F. said...

Love this - totally giggling, even through your pain!

Mandy said...

Dude! This stuff is for amateurs. (And I've seen your little silver tray of nail manicure stuff, you, my dear are no amateur!) Try the Seche Viche or Northern Nights Out the Door topcoat. I have both but an really partial to the Northern Nights Holographic topcoat.

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