Jul 21, 2013

Surrounded by love

Ben and I have decided to pursue the IUI and we are really excited for this next step! I want to share as much with you as I can, so I'll be doing what I'm calling "belated blogging." I'll write about experiences as I have them and then post about them a bit later, but I won't talk specific time frames. This allows me to really be in the moment, and then write about it and share it the best way I know how. Thanks so much for the support and understanding as I share! I can't wait to take you all with us on this journey! 

Throughout this IUI process I've talked about being ready for joy, building hope, finding a silver lining, and how medicine can be a little intimidating. But there's something I haven't talked about yet and I can't go one more minute without acknowledging it.

The love.

Oh my gosh, Ben and I are surrounded by love and that's never been more evident than right now. Comments on blog posts, texts, emails, cards, messages - all saying how exciting this is, and sharing your hope, and sending us prayers and good thoughts - it has blown us away.

Every day I get up and put on this necklace - I still don't know who it's from, but it means so much that someone sent it.

Every day I get some kind of message or text - anything from "thinking about you!" to "how are you doing?" to "sending so much love your way!"

Every. Day. 

I absolutely cannot express how moved and touched we have been to see this outpouring of love and support - I read Ben every comment on these posts, every email, every text message.

So from the bottom of our hearts thank you - for the love, the support, and for listening.

It takes a village - and I'm honored you're a part of ours.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

:) glad you are feeling so much love and support right now, that is exactly what you need! Hugs!

Nora said...

Glad you can feel the love!!! (and now I'm singing Elton John's "can you feel the love tonight..." in my head!) Love you guys. xo

Amber said...

So glad you're feeling it! You deserve it! XO

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

xoxo <3

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sometimes it takes a difficult time in your life to realize how many people willingly make up your support network. Learning to let them in. To lean on them. It's a hard lesson, but such a valuable one. So glad that you and Ben are feeling the love of your network. Totally deserved!

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