Aug 26, 2013

Some good moments

The moments are growing. Bigger and softer. Bad and better. I feel a little talked out, so I thought I'd share some photos of some good moments - big or small, I'll take 'em.

Water with fresh mint. So refreshing! (Also, I am obsessed with mason jars as glasses - our cupboard may or may not be full of them).
Wearing this temporary tattoo as a gentle reminder. (It's a duplicate of Molly's, sent via the lovely Kyla!)
A little before and after of my new haircut. I am in love!
Zebra cakes - because sometimes you need to eat things that are not healthy but taste delicious.
This guy. (This is his "I am tired and my wife is making me take a picture" face).
A few other things making me smile:

*Wearing all the things friends have loaned me - bracelets, scarves, necklaces, iPhone cases - all tangible pieces of love from people who are rooting for us. In a way, it's like my armor.

*Spontaneously getting my ears re-pierced after years of not wearing earrings.  (I've had them pierced before but had trouble with them being painful after awhile - I'm hoping now that I'm using good metals it won't be an issue. And they're so fun!)

*Anticipating autumn.

What are some of your good moments lately?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have been thinking about sharing a 'good things' post lately because my posts have been more down/heavy lately. It's a good practice to remind ourselves of the good things in life. I am glad you have several things to reflect upon.

I also love mason jars!! They are just so cute and a fun vessel for the drink. And I LOVE your hair! It looks so chic - and I spy my wishbone necklace!! :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Your hair is gorgeous!! And mason jars - yes! I need a whole cabinet just for them!

Nora said...

Oo, fresh mint in water sounds delightful. I had some peppermint tea last night. YUM. (And yes, I'm ignoring the fact that it's stupid hot here in STL!)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'm a big fan of water these days (everything else leads me to see numbers, as in calorie counts!). I'm especially fond of water with a dash of cucumber, mint, lemon or lime. Weirdly, I don't drink it like that at home - only as a treat when I'm out and about! Also I love the blunt ends to your new cut and I adore seeing photos of you and Ben (it's so clear you make each other happy, even when one is putting up with the other's antics - ha!).

Lately, my good moments involve slow ticks down on the scale despite less that perfect eating habits; watching my baseball team fight its way back to first place; planning our upcoming camping trips and our big trip to Italy this fall.

Amber said...

Ooooh your hair cut looks LOVELY! I had many many good moments watching my best friend get married on Saturday. Thinking back to when we were two waitresses that would go out for appies and multiple bottles of wine every weekend after work and now we're both "grown up". Definitely felt a little bittersweet but I could not be happier for her!

Anonymous said...

Anticipating Autumn is on my list of good things right now, too!

Happy to see you celebrating the little things— it's so important. I love that temporary tattoo, and your new haircut looks SO pretty. :)

Kate @ said...

I LOVE your hair, & I LOVE that pic of you & Ben, & I LOVE seeing you happy! :)

Katelin said...

we really do need to remember the good moments every now and then. it's so refreshing.

& love the haircut & the JOY tattoo, so lovely.

Unknown said...

I love the new haircut! And I'm with you - mason jars as cups are awesome!

Sarah D said...

Love the new 'do!

Unknown said...

I love your new "do" and I love the relationship you have with your hubby. Just the way your write about him and the pictures your share. It is a good thing!!

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