Oct 17, 2013

For the battle weary

Yesterday, I talked about the More Love Letters I Was Here Campaign. I wrote my letter last night. I sat down and just let the words pour out, and by the end I was swiping at my tears left and right. I was just going to mail in my letter - I wasn't planning on sharing it here - but something was calling me to do it. So if you know someone who might need this today? Please share. 
Dear Warrior,

You might thinking you're reading the wrong letter. But if you've ever experienced negative pregnancy tests, suffered alone silently while others around had children, or ached to hold your child in your arms, you came to the right place.

I have been there. I am still there. The days of being okay with how your life is, only to be punched in the gut by wondering what might never be.

I don't have a quote or a phrase that will make this go away. I wish I did. I can tell you the ache ebbs and flows - some days will be better than others.

Be okay with contradictions. Keep your chin up even as your tears fall. This is a battle and you are the fiercest, gentlest, most incredible warrior. Be brave and vulnerable. Listen to those who support you - let their love lift you up - and shake off those who don't.

You are not alone.

Fertility, or infertility is a taboo subject - I hope this changes one day. But don't be afraid of it. This might be a part of your life but you own it. You can make it into whatever you need it to be.

I wish I could sit with you right now my friend. I would hold your hand as you cry, or scream in anger with you.

Instead I leave this letter - know that it holds my heart for you. Know that you are incredible and strong, even when you think you are not. A warrior is not ashamed of their battle wounds. Wounds turn to scars, and scars?

Scars mean you have lived.

I am sending light and love - from the bottom of my heart - straight to yours.

A Friend


Charis Faith said...

(((Hugs))) I've been reading and praying. Beautifully written!

Nora said...

Love the line about scars. So true. Gorgeous letter. xo

Becoming Mrs. Draino said...

Awesome letter! I am a new follower so I am not sure who you are writing too, but this hit home!

Katelin said...

Well this just made me get all teary. Lovely letter Becky, absolutely love it.

Amber said...

Ditto what Nora said, the line about scars is my favourite and oh so true. So much love to YOU my friend! XO

Stephany said...

You are an amazing soul, Becky. I loved reading this. Powerful words.

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

What a beautiful, powerful, personal letter, Becky. Thanks for sharing - with us, & with her, whoever she may be.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is beautifully written. You do a great job of being true to this experience. You are so brave!

Unknown said...

I love this. I just... beautiful.

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