Oct 16, 2013

I Was Here

Have you been to the More Love Letter site lately? If not, you need to, because the I Was Here Campaign is happening now and it's incredible.
(Photo courtesy of More Love Letters)
As much as I love blogging, there's something about putting pen and ink to paper that resonates with my soul.

The point of the I Was Here Campaign is to leave something behind. A letter to future someones, a letter for your children, your family, to the one who got away, or even a story you want to remember.

We are creating a Love Letter Time Capsule and as the letters are pouring in, it's already incredible. I'm working on mine today - a letter to all who ache for children - and I'm tearing up and smiling just thinking about the words I want to use.

A warrior is never ashamed of her battle scars.

What would you want to leave behind? Will you send in a letter?


Nora said...

It's on my list for this weekend! Fall, crisp temps are an excellent time to work on writing such a letter. You know I'm a huge fan of the campaign and all things MLL!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It is hard to think of a situation I would want to put into written words and leave behind in a time capsule. I guess my bigggest 'wound' right now is the feelings I have about my move to Charlotte. I have written about it on my blog quite a bit, but maybe writing an actual letter would be another step towards healing!

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