Nov 20, 2013


Hi! Oh hi! Remember me? I have all these plans for posts and then nothing! So I thought I'd play a bit of catch-up today!


*This IUI medicine is kicking my a**. I remember thinking it wouldn't be as bad this time because I knew what to expect. Ha!

*I am planning a Black Friday trip to my favorite locally-owned yarn store because they are having a great sale and thinking about all the yarn I'm going to get makes me downright giddy!

*Knitting is my happy place, but I also love a good pun. So this bag? Best. Purchase. Ever.
*I'm drinking Peppermint Hot Chocolates like they are going out of style. So much yum!

*I'm still reading Scottish romance novels. I. Can't. Stop.

*I have another Handmade Holiday post brewing for this week - and it's funny!

What's currently going on in your world?


Anonymous said...

I think you meant to write, "I'm drinking Peppermint Hot Chocolates like they are going out of style so suck it Ben!"

Nora said...

Peppermint hot chocolate sounds divine right now. It's cold, rainy and it's cold in the office so that would be just lovely!

Currently.. I just ate a Colby-jack cheese stick. So yummy sometimes.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Oo, I have to go look at what Scottish romance novel you are reading. I could use something like that to read at the moment ha ha.
Also I love your homemade holiday posts.
And finally, I am sorry the medicine is kicking your butt. How much longer do you have to go?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am currently reading a YA novel that is partially set in paris, dreaming about my upcoming trip to Paris, trying to tolerate living in Charlotte (and not really succeeding at that), and wondering where I will be a year from now.

Sorry to hear the meds are kicking your butt. :/

ruthpclark said...

Sending that strong body of yours so much love!!!

Katelin said...

ha that ballsack tote is great!

& good luck with the IUI meds and hope they stop kicking your ass soon. sending you lots of love and super awesome baby vibes friend xoxoxo

Amber said...

LOL! That bag! Love it.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am obsessed with peppermint mocha creamer right now!

Kate @ said...

That bag is incredible.

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