Nov 4, 2013

Wrap me in plaid

I've always loved Scotland. Some people desire the beach - I dream of the mountains. 

I think it started in college - our mascot was a Highlander, instead of a school color we had a Tartan Plaid, and at big events we had bagpipers on campus. Waking up to bagpipes is one of my favorite memories. I even angered a roommate or two by throwing open the window to let the sound envelop the room.

But I have a confession to make.

Lately, Scotland has become a bit of an...obsession.

For the past month, I've been reading nothing but Scottish romance novels. (Lairds, and ladies, and kilts, oh my!) You know I love a good romance novel, but there's something about historic Scotland that melts my heart like no other. Sure, I get attached to some of the characters, but really? I'm reading it for the country.

I've watched Braveheart more times than I can count. Every day for a week Ben would come home from work and say, "Really? Braveheart? Again?" (Um, it might be is playing in the background as I write this post). I will randomly text people favorite lines from the movie, like What would you do without freedom?! and I've been practicing my Scottish brogue. (It's probably a good thing I do that when no one else is around).

I'm fascinated by the story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and am on a hunt for good biographies because I know the story from the movie isn't quite what happened. 

I'm dreaming of clans, and plaid, and views like this.
Photo courtesy of theplanetd
I think we might have to start planning a trip.

Have you ever dreamed of a place that you knew you just had to visit? Have you been to Scotland? Tell me all about it please!


Caiti said...

I only had the chance to visit Edinburgh while we were living abroad last year, but I ADORED it. I'd even say it is my favorite city that I've ever visited. It felt like we were on a movie set (but not in a cheesy way) because it was so picturesque and historic, and the city was a perfect mix of urban and natural. We'll definitely return for a full tour of Scotland someday. My parents went 2 or 3 years ago and had a really good time.

Have you seen Disney/Pixar's Brave? It's a cute story based in Scotland, but the making-of/behind-the-scenes footage on the Blu Ray is really fun to watch as someone who likes Scotland.

Unknown said...

Your blog this morning reminded me of home, if you love mountains and scenery like that you'd also LOVE Newfoundland, Canada. Its my home, many people there immigrated from Ireland & Scotland and the scenery is breath taking :) Google it sometime :)

a/k/a Nadine said...

I feel that way about Tuscany. Only maybe slightly less, um, extreme. ;-)

I would love to go to Scotland sometime, too (after Italy, of course) as I have Scottish roots. I hope you are able to visit sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

My family's Scottish ~ I took Gaelic dancing lessons when I was a kid and I play the bagpipes :D I would love to visit Scotland someday but my real travel obsession is Italy. We're planning a trip for our 10 year anniversary in another 5 years :)

Amber said...

I can't remember but have you read the book Outlander??? If not you have to since you're obsessed with everything Scotland lately! It's a long book, but so so good!

Eric and I are actually in the very beginning stages of planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland in May!! We are saving our butts off (and crossing our fingers that flight prices go down!) right now. Haha

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have not been to Scotland, but I have a good blog/twitter friend who lives there so when/if you plan your trip, let me know as you can tap into her as a resource.

I actually have Scottish heritage as my mom's is Scottish. We have a tartan and a crest which is pretty cool. I would like to visit some day, but I don't see it happening anytime soon as that is a trip I would not want to do on my own as it would involve driving and such and I don't feel super comfortable doing that by myself.

Paris is obviously a place I am obsessed with, but I am also obsessed with Cuba and went through a phase where I read a bunch of books about/based in Cuba!

Kate @ said...

I've never been to Scotland, but this is exactly how I feel about Greece!

Jess said...

Just so you know...Scotland looks just like that photo. :) It was the best trip I've ever taken.

Jenny said...

I always wanted to go to New Zealand and now I live there! :) Also, I am from Scotland and it is indeed a beautiful country, I hope you get an opportunity to go there some day.

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