Dec 10, 2013

For the activist

A couple years ago I pledged to have a handmade holiday, buying handmade gifts for everyone on our shopping list, and with the exception of one or two things I accomplished it. I started this series the next year to share some of my favorite handmade finds with you and I had such a good time I thought I'd bring it back again! For the next few weeks I'll be sharing some great handmade items in hopes that you'll join me in making handmade a part of your holiday! 

So far this season we've seen gifts for the romance seekers, the bag lovers, and those who appreciate whimsy. To wrap up this series, here are gifts for those who appreciate when their gift has a double purpose - especially when it helps others!

First up, this print from Fresh Words Market. I've ordered several prints from this company and love the products. They give 10% of their proceeds to women and children focused initiatives, and how perfect would this be for your free-spirited friend?
Photo courtesy of Fresh Words Market
Or how about this bangle bracelet from The Giving Keys? I didn't discover The Giving Keys until this year but I can't get enough of them! They are a small business who employ people trying to transition out of homelessness and they re-purpose old keys into accessories. You choose the word for your key, wear it, and when you feel like it's time to move on, you give it to someone else - sharing the message on the key and the story of the company. How could you not love this?!
Photo courtesy of The Giving Keys

And last, but certainly not least, we have this Wear Love hoodie from So Worth Loving. I have two shirts from So Worth Loving and at one point my sister asked me if they were all I wore because every time she saw me I was in one of them! They have a story behind each piece they create and they are spreading the message that you - in all your imperfect glory - are worth loving no matter what. This hoodie is unisex so could work for guys or girls on your shopping list!
Photo courtesy of So Worth Loving
This will be the last of this series for the year - I know I could find more categories for you to peruse but I want to give all of you enough time for shipping - handmade items take a bit longer to make!

Hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have!


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