Feb 27, 2014

A Personal Touch

It's been awhile since I did an Etsy feature but when I found Kim McCall Jewelry, I knew I needed to bring it back! I stumbled on her shop when searching for a necklace - I wanted something for Cecelia and when I found her initial star necklace I knew I'd found what I was looking for. It was perfect. (So perfect that when I put it on I started crying). I asked Kim if she'd be willing to answer a few questions and she was gracious enough to accept - so without further ado, meet Kim!
Initial Star Necklace - mine has a C!
How did you get started with your Etsy shop? Is this a hobby, your full-time job, or something in between? I also work in a beauty salon as an Esthetician. I am a social person, so I love that too. I have dabbled in jewelry off and on for many years. About five years ago I was taking glass fusion classes and started making glass pieces for jewelry. I thought I might like to add some beads to the necklaces so out came the bead basket. (Hard to believe now that at one time ALL my beads fit into one big basket). Anyway, the love affair was rekindled and soon I was making things to sell at the salon. I decided to take the plunge and start a shop at Etsy to see what might happen. It has been so great, I truly feel blessed.
Sunrise Earrings - are these colors not gorgeous?
What inspires you? Nature, art, people. I am naturally a creative person. I have always said that if I was independently wealthy I would travel and I would create. I love it all. My husband and I will go on weekend trips to coastal communities here in California. We especially love Cambria. Ahh, pine trees, beach, and lots of art! I am always anxious to make things after returning home from there.
Bunny locket - so whimsical!
Have you always created things? What drew you to jewelry? And oh my gosh your charms and chains are beautiful but so delicate - how is it working with metals so fine? Yes, cards and drawings as a child, I was a floral designer in my teens and early 20s, makeup, scrap booking, anything really. Oh, I do not sew well...I have a deep appreciation for those who are gifted in sewing. Jewelry is great because you can take it with you...a personal decoration. Many of the pieces are very delicate...these are very popular right now. They are fun because I love intricate detailed work.
Butterfly Wing Earrings - I love how these make a statement but are still somewhat delicate!
How do you come up with the items in your shop? Do you create every day or is it more of a "as it comes" mentality? I am constantly searching for treasures to incorporate into my jewelry. These treasures will inspire new ideas. While I work at my Etsy shop daily, NEW pieces are born when I can spend a whole day without any distractions.
Crescent Moon and Star Necklace - um, how could you not love this?!
What's your favorite item in your shop right now? Does this ever change? Hmm, that's hard because I like different things depending on my mood. So yes, it definitely changes. I like the honey bee necklace and I like the personalized pieces because it is nice to make a piece that is special to someone.
Honey Bee Necklace
And just for fun - if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Heehee...in a perfect world of calorie free, right? Tacos. All different kinds...beef, chicken, pork, egg (breakfast). Growing up in Southern California is growing up with tacos. But my absolutely favorite ones, hands down, are the homemade gringo tacos.

What do you think? Have you fallen in love with her work as much as I have? Don't you just want to pull up a chair and watch her create something? I love all the variety she offers - and everything is so beautiful! Be sure to check out Kim McCall Jewelry, although I warn you, you may spend awhile there!

(All photos courtesy of Kim McCall Jewelry)


Nora said...

Well, it may just be me but I'm finding personal meaning in everything she makes. And now I want the butterfly wing earrings and the crescent moon/start necklace (and the bunny locket! LOVE!). Thanks for sharing :)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I do love her pieces - and the one you chose to honor your daughter! I am impressed by people who are so creative and can use their creative abilities to create beautiful jewelry (and make a livelihood out of it!).

Katelin said...

these pieces are great, i love the honey bee one. so cute!

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