Feb 24, 2014


I've bought necklaces. I've written letters. I've screamed. I've cried. I've distracted myself. I've avoided feelings. I'm grieving.

It's not enough. 

It's not enough to share on Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog. I need to do something. Something bigger. Something stronger.

Less than 24 hours after thinking this I found myself on the Resolve website; if anyone had outreach, I knew it would be them.

I clicked on a link that said Advocacy Day and found what I was looking for.

Every year Resolve facilitates an Advocacy Day - where people go to Washington, D.C. and speak to legislators about infertility - educating them, discussing bills currently in the works, lending their voices to bring awareness to infertility.

For the first time in a long time, I was fired up. I could do this. I could go into D.C. (I mean, I live right around the corner!) I could talk to Congressional representatives.

I could be a voice. 

I filled out the form, and even selected "yes" when asked if I would be willing to be a group leader - the main speaker during a group presentation. I clicked "submit" and then stared at the confirmation page and thought, what the hell did I just do? It's one thing to write and blog about infertility, but to talk face-to-face with lawmakers about it? My stomach started to hurt. I might not be strong enough for this.

Then I thought about the hell Ben and I have been through in the past three and a half years. The emotional roller coaster. Hearing the word no.

I'm slightly terrified, but I'm doing this. 

I'm doing this for friends who have undergone procedures and surgeries, only to be told they can't get pregnant. I'm doing this for friends who have had a miscarriage. I'm doing this for friends who have had multiple miscarriages. I'm doing this for friends who have gone in for an appointment late in their pregnancy only to be told their baby no longer has a heartbeat. I'm doing this for friends who might lose ovaries and have to face preserving their fertility at too young of an age. I'm doing this for the childless parents.

I'm doing this for those who have watched their dreams die in a doctor's office. 

I'm doing this for men who suffer from infertility. I'm doing this for the support systems who are there when their loved ones need them the most. I'm doing this for the children - the ones who are only dreamed of and wished for, because fertility treatments are something their parents cannot afford. I'm doing this for the children who are never met by their parents because they're gone too soon. I'm doing this for those who can't speak up.

I'm doing this because there is no wrong way to build a family.

The tears in my eyes battled the smile on my face.

I can be their voice.

It might be hard, or frustrating, or painful. But the legislators in this country need to know we are here. They need to know how many people are affected by the hell that is this disease. They need to know we are doing battle daily, and on May 7th we are speaking up.

(Want to participate or even donate? Check out the Advocacy Day site to find out how and help spread the word!)


Nora said...

So proud of you for doing this. I can't wait to hear and learn more about as you get more involved! xoxoxo

Katelin said...

you are a rock star woman. so proud of you, so very much xo

Sizzle said...

As someone who is in this group, I thank you. I'm glad Nilsa shared your blog! It can be a lonely journey.

Anonymous said...

Love this post!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so proud of you for fighting for you and others that are struggling with infertility. You are so brave and if anyone can make a difference, it's you. Love you!

Yellow_Daisy said...

I love this! I'll be going to Advocacy Day for the 3rd time this year. Hope to get the opportunity to meet you there.

Cindy from CA

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I'm so proud of you, Becky. Tragedy brought you to this place, & I wouldn't wish that on anyway, but the way you're turning your personal pain into action for social good is incredible & inspiring &... just, way to go. <3

Amber said...

I'm so darn proud of you! You are so amazing. I loved every word of this post!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

You will rock at this. <3

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