Feb 13, 2014

You might be surprised

In lieu of a traditional virtual coffee date, and since it's almost Friday, let's play a game I just made up! It's called "You Might Be Surprised to Learn." Okay so the title's not great but it'll be fun. I'll start!

You might be surprised to learn...

1. I am INVOLVED with the Detroit Lions. I might be a new fan, and I might not talk about it all that much, but people, I am committed. They were doing really well this season - they won six of the first nine games, but then lost six of their last seven. (Coach Schwartz is out, so Caldwell you're up - let's see what you can do buddy). I rarely get to see the games in this area (damn regional coverage), but I have alerts from ESPN on my phone so I can keep up with the score, injuries, and other team news.

Their 2012 season (also known as the season I became a fan) their record was 4-12-0; four wins, 12 losses, zero ties. Despite tanking halfway through their 2013 season their record was 7-9-0 or seven wins, nine losses, zero ties. Obviously, having me as a fan is helping. (Also, if anyone from the Detroit Lions is reading this and wants to fly me out for a game? I will tweet the sh*t out of that. Just sayin').

2. A Dyson vacuum can suck up the charger to an iPhone. Okay, this one may not be so much a tidbit about me as it as a little PSA, but one night Ben was vacuuming and I heard this horrible sound - like crunching and grinding, and just...bad. Then I heard him say a few choice words and when I asked if he was okay he replied, "Um...well, I didn't see your phone charger..." It was kind of awesome how demolished it was. (For the record, the vacuum was not phased).

3. As much as I love knitting, I've realized I like to knit things "flat," or straight across. Scarves and blankets are all knit straight, whereas hats or booties, or some cowl scarves are connected (usually with circular needles) to give the appearance of no seams. Maybe it's the nature of the projects, but when I have to connect or join things to knit them I tend to get frustrated faster. I want to challenge myself in my projects though. I might soon be trying to make fingerless mitts which will not only be connected but also are made on double-pointed needles which I cannot stand. We'll see how this goes.

4. I am still going to the doctor for follow-up appointments from the d&c. They are monitoring me through blood draws until my HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels are low enough - they're very close to where they need to be but it sometimes makes it hard to think of other things when I'm going into a fertility office every week. (Fingers crossed tomorrow is my last one!)

5. Every time I take a trip (even if it's only overnight), I leave a note or letter for Ben to find. In the six plus years we've been married I've only forgotten once and I think I was more upset about it than he was. (Although I might have just jinxed myself...) This will apply this weekend because I'm headed to an ashram with a friend for a yoga retreat. I realized after booking it that it's Valentine's Day weekend (whoops!) but I love that it doesn't phase Ben. We'll do something next week when I'm back and all zen from a weekend of meditation and peace. And he gets the apartment to himself for a couple of days. (That totally counts as a present, right?)

What might I be surprised to learn about you? (No really, I need to work on that title).

Happy almost weekend!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This was fun to read. It reminds me of my "things you might not know about me" post from last week! I always love reading tidbits of info about people!

You know so much about me so it's hard to come up with new things to share, but you might not know that my books are incredibly disorganized because I was too overwhelmed by the move to group them by author like I used to. Also, besides the opening ceremonies and recaps on news shows, I have not watched any of Olympics. I love the Olympics I have been really busy since they started so just haven't had the time in the evening to watch. Also, you might not know that most nights I don't turn my tv on because there aren't many shows I like to watch and I don't like the background noise of a tv!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Lol I love that you said you are "involved" with the Detroit Lions. I just cracked up.
I understand your thoughts on knitting. I literally can only knit scarves that just involve like the same number of stitches for the whole thing, no pattern. I set a goal one winter to knit a hat and I got very frustrated very quickly ha ha. I will now leave the knitting to the experts such as yourself :) I also love that you leave the letter for Ben to find when you are away! I think celebrating V-day next week is actually better, then you don't to fight the crowds or craziness and if you are going to do something at home anyway, then why not next weekend? I love Valentines Day because of the pink but Eric and I usually don't do much since we often go away around this time of year and want to save money/and it's Eric's birthday 3 days later so we just celebrate that.

Amber said...

Ooooh I can't wait to hear all about your yoga retreat when we video chat next week. That will be such a good weekend for you!

You might be surprised to know I eat breakfast at my desk every single day. Literally the first 10 minutes of my work day is spent microwaving my oatmeal and cutting up my apple. I just can't get ready fast enough in the morning to do it at home and now I've been eating it at work so long that I don't really get hungry until like 9 am!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I just want to know what connection you have to Detroit or Michigan that would lead to being a Lions fan. Because, seriously? I'm not even a Rams fan (despite being from the Lou); I'm a cheer-when-its-convenient fan of the Bears; I secretly wish I lived in Wisconsin, because I love the Green Bay Packers fan base (the loyalty, the fact it's not even a big city, but sports a major sports team that's seriously supported by the community, etc.) ... but, Detroit? Cleveland? Not a chance I'd cheer for them unless I lived there or was married to someone from there. =D

Nora said...

Hmmm.... I was born in New Jersey (just outside of NYC) and when I was 2 or 3 my parents moved to CA for six months so I was a "SoCal" toddler as my parents put it. I didn't get my nose pierced until I turned 27 and while I don't put earrings in them, I have three holes in each ear. (the second piercing I was 16 and the third I was 22?)

This is fun! thanks for sharing :)

Katelin said...

The fact that you always leave a note for Ben is just so incredibly sweet, I love it.

Also, the constant trips to the doctor are just such a downer. I'm sorry you have to keep going!

As for me, people might not know that I can't do a cartwheel, I'm secretly obsessed with The Sims, I've had my ears pierced twice and had to let them close up both times and I own one pair of high heels.

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I used to leave notes for Nathan every time I went out of town. It's such a nice relationship habit!

Stephany said...

I love your love for the Lions. And, for the record, I became a Dolphins fan because, when I was 8, I decided to be their fan because dolphins are cute. And I've been a fan ever since! It's a BIT embarrassing to talk about but hey! That's my story. :)

Jen said...

Growing up in Michigan, I learned that you can never really expect too much from the lions. I love that you have become a die hard fan! If you go to a game, perhaps them as a visiting team would be better, just because Detroit? A bit rough...

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Oh Lions. Such hope and such disappointment. Year after year.

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