Apr 2, 2014

Make a Manifesto

I think I'm in the "active" stage of grief. It's not really a stage (although maybe it is because I'm a grown-ass lady and I say it is),  but I keep feeling called to do something more when it comes to infertility.

I cannot wait until Advocacy Day. I already have some posts in the works for National Infertility Awareness Week. I can't "fix" my infertility, and I can't change the fact that Cece (that's what we call her now) is gone, but I can speak, and bring awareness and for now, that's helping.

I've been thinking a lot about legacy and what we leave behind. Children are not the only way to leave a legacy - I know this. But on bad days, I have this worry that I'm just going to be the woman who couldn't have babies.

I know that's not true. I know it's not as simple as that, and I know that's not how others see me. But I'd be lying if I said that fear doesn't sneak into my heart every so often.

I want to make a manifesto - a collage of words and phrases that others associate with me. A couple weeks ago I emailed some people asking for their help. It was harder than I expected, but the response has been life-changing.

I'm overwhelmed by the words that come pouring from people - telling me I'm kind or fierce, brave and vivid, compassionate and honest, a good listener, and loved.

The emails have brought me to tears.

I am working with a talented friend to make this into the most awesome collage/word bubble ever. (I'm supplying her with the words and phrases, she will make it beautiful). I am going to have it printed - maybe on a canvas or maybe in something I can frame - and hang it in a place of honor.

I can't wait to share the final product with you!

Take a moment and think about yourself the way someone else does - it's a powerful thing.

What would your manifesto say?

If you want to contribute to my manifesto leave me some words or a phrase in the comments - I'll be sure to include it, and thanks in advance!

(Also, there's a fabulous giveaway happening this week and you can still enter!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think this was a great project for you to do. I think we can have a laser focus on what we want our legacy to be and what we think will make us 'matter' in this world, but we overlook the legacy we are already creating. I totally understand why you have concerns about what your legacy will look like without kids as I wonder about the same thing since I just always saw myself having kids... but I have to work on accepting that kids might not be part of my legacy either. I haven't given my legacy much thought, but if I had to peg down my legacy right now, I'd say that it's being a great aunt, supportive friend, and curious world traveler.

I can't wait to see your finished project!!!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You are beautiful. And I think this manifesto is an amazing project. I would be scared to death to ask what others think. And I know I'd be overwhelmed to hear their responses. I owe you an email, which I'm going to do right this very minute.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I think this is such a great project to do! Active really should be a stage of grief because I would imagine for a lot of people it's the most helpful.
Is it weird I've never really thought about what my legacy will be? I do sometimes think about what I want my students to remember though, which in a way is a legacy... being a caring sister, daughter, wife, friend, mother and teacher would all be part of mine I suppose. Wow, that's a lot of roles- no wonder I am always so stressed ha. Then I wonder if legacy should be tied to other people, but then I think what are we without the relationships we have with others... yeah, this is why I don't think about this, too much analyzing!

Emily said...

LOVE this idea! You are so inspiring!!! Hugs, my dear friend :)

Nora said...

Can't wait to see more about the manifesto. I don't suppose there's a way to include a letter in it, like you know, a long one about how freakin' awesome you are? Because when I sent you my suggestions I had to stop myself. You're one of my favorite people always. I hope you know that. xoxo

Stephany said...

I love this! Sometimes, I think about my own legacy and how I want people to think about me when I'm gone. I'm not sure that I'm doing a good job figuring that out and putting it into action, though.

As for you? I think I would use the words brave, vulnerable, considerate, and someone with one of the biggest hearts I know. <3

Katelin said...

Absolutely love this idea and can't wait to see your manifesto. As for adding to yours I would include the words: gracious, caring, strong

Nicole said...

Such a wonderful idea. Love, love, love!

Amber said...

I think this is SUCH a cool idea and I cannot wait to see the finished project!!

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