Apr 4, 2014

My current happy

Okay first thing's first - the winner of the Grown-Ass Lady Tote is lucky Lisa from Lisa's Yarns! Shoot me an email about how to claim your prize! (Thanks to all who participated - there's another giveaway on Monday!)

I want April to be awesome. This week has been kind of rough, so I am thinking today I'm focusing on what makes me happy.

Making me happy right now:

*Happy by Pharrell Williams - I know this is being played all over the place right now but I just can't get enough of this song. It always makes me smile!

*The Book Riot Podcasts - they are fun and hilarious, and changing my commutes in the best way possible!

*Advocating for infertility. I cannot wait until Advocacy Day and I'm gearing up for National Infertility Awareness Week later this month. I also just signed up as a team captain for the D.C. Walk of Hope in June. (More on this later, but Team Cece will be rockin' it!)

*Knitting. Always knitting. I was in NYC last weekend and went to not one, but two yarn stores. (And yes I bought that magnet).
What's on your happy list today?

Happy Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Woo hoo! Yea! I won! :)

Things that are making me happy are winning your giveaway, the beautiful weather we've had this week, talking on the phone with my nephew on his birthday, knowing I will see family and friends next weekend, and buying some new running clothes (on sale, I might add).

Nora said...


Things making me happy today: It's Friday. I'm going to a basket & wine auction on my way home from work for a bit. I'm getting a mani and pedi on Sunday. Emails with you =)

Katelin said...

Seriously, focusing on the happy is sometimes all we can do to get by and makes it a little easier. Also, love that magnet.

As for my happy: a movie date tonight, spending some time with family this weekend and reorganizing our guest room yet again, I get way too much pleasure from purging and cleaning, haha.

Stephany said...

That magnet makes me giggle! So funny!

What's making me happy: lots of time with friends this week, napping with Dutch, and SUNSHINE. :)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I wanted to pass along http://www.thesouthernwife.com/ she just posted that she is going to be sharing more of her infertility journey through blogging. The happy song makes me happy too. And sunshine.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Love that Happy song - can't help but smile and dance (even if I'm seat-belted in the car) when I hear it!

What makes me happy at this very moment: getting an email from Gavin's teacher requesting we talk to any musicians we know, particularly tuba players (as the class is weirdly fascinated with tubas), who might be willing to talk to his class about their instruments; emailing our former neighbor who happens to play the tuba; and hearing back that he's interested in talking to the class - it makes me feel like a super geeky (who the heck knows a tuba player) rock star! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love Happy too, love his website so much (24hoursofhappy.com)! Always wanted to learn how to knit... ;)

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