May 29, 2014

Summer infatuations

We all know how I feel about fall. (Um, if you don't, you obviously have not been reading this blog for very long, so read this, then come back).

However, winter lasted awhile this year so for now, I'm enjoying the warmer temperatures. I expect this to last all of three and a half minutes, so I figure I'll ride it out while I can.

We pretty much skipped spring - we go from chilly to humid here in Northern Virginia - and I already have a few summer favorites. Summer is about being flexible - less planning, more relaxing, and there are a few things that have already proven themselves up for the season.

*Sanuk flip flops - I have no idea how I've gone this long without knowing about these, but holy mother of fabulous. They are made from old yoga mats. Let me say that again. They are made out of old yoga mats. Recycling things for the environment and feeling like you're walking on clouds? Please and thank you.
Why yes that is fabric under the strap so they don't hurt your feet. Genius.
*A good bag and a comfy dress - I found this dress a couple months back and even though I had to get it hemmed (um, story of my life), I never wanted to take it off. I don't think I can describe how comfortable it is. Around the same time I discovered this Etsy shop and snagged this bag at a great price. It's canvas-y and light, and easy to throw in a few things and go - it's like it was made for summer. Put them together? All the stripes. Win.
I was looking at someone and didn't realize I took this picture. Then when I saw it later I couldn't stop laughing!
*An easy dish to bring to barbeques - I can't take credit for this one. My friend Tess made this when I had dinner at her place recently, and I loved it so much I made it myself the next day. I posted a photo on Instagram and was inundated with requests for the recipe. It's so easy I don't even want to call it a recipe, but here you go.
Yes, it is as good as it looks.
1 can black beans
Corn from 4 cobs (I used 2 cans of corn and it was just as good)
2 avocados (she told me two avocados for every four cobs so if you're doubling this, keep that in mind)
1 pint/quart (whatever the small container at the store is) of tomatoes (I told you - so easy!)
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Lime juice

Drain beans and corn, cut up tomatoes and avocados, put everything in a big bowl and stir. Add both the powders (I put enough so the top of everything was covered), and stir. Add lime juice (again, just poured and stirred a couple times). Can eat immediately or refrigerate.

*A good read (or two, or three) - I've found a few fun novels lately - light and easy, but good writing, and there's nothing better than something that makes you laugh while you're enjoying the sunshine. I'd recommend A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White, Vintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss, and Hope in a Jar by Beth Harbison. I'm currently reading And One Last Thing by Molly Harper - I'm only a hundred pages in, but it's already made me laugh out loud several times! (Also, little reviews of each of these over on my Goodreads).

What are some of your summer infatuations?

Happy almost Friday!


Nora said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Vintage :) Makes me happy to hear that!

Summer indulgences.... buying CC cream for the first time ever, hiring a cleaning crew so I can spend more time outside and less time scrubbing toilets, and our back patio: put the umbrella up, give me some chill music, a stack of magazines and I'm a happy girl!

Amber said...

Flip flops are a MUST in the summer. I know they aren't very good for my feet but I wear them constantly anyways. I keep a pair at my desk at work for days I wear heels (because let's be serious I only ever wear the heels for one event or meeting during the day and the rest of the time I'm in my flip flops).

I LOVE summer. Even though we get some crazy heat we don't get the humidity you guys do so that helps a lot. It also helps a lot that my mom lives here now and has a pool! ha

Katelin said...

That is seriously one of my favorite summer dishes, I make it a little too often. Sometimes it's even good to add in quinoa, yummmm.

Also, love that striped dress, so cute!

As for my summer infatuations - dresses! Time spent at someone's pool & reading and eating outside. Oh summer I love you.

HC said...

OMG!!! Have I never told you about Sanuk flip flops? Total fail as a friend! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine! I have been an avid Sanuk wearer for a couple years!

Everything else on the list is awesome, but seriously….I won't summer (or really any warmish weather) without Sanuk! (When I first found them, I could only find them at Myrtle Beach, and we had to go out of our way to get to the store to buy a replacement pair…I and totally plan on getting more this year!)

Also…maybe I should see if they want me as a spokesperson!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I love ice cream on hot nights, flip flops, walks/runs in the sun and NO WORK!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I really liked Vintage too!! It was such a fun and cute read.

Spring was short in NC as we went straight to summer and it was short here in MN because winter lasted so long and summer arrived early as it's been pretty hot/humid since I got back, but I am loving it. I am sure it will get old at some point but right now I am soaking up the rays (with sunscreen application of course), enjoying outdoor runs, eating meals on my balcony/Phil's deck, and summer eats like corn on the cob!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Love the dress and bag and together, BOOM, they look so comfy and summery!

I make a similar salad to the one you listed. Ingredients are slightly different, but it's in essence the same. Favorite ways to serve it include as a side to thinly sliced, grilled flank steak or mixed with cooked shrimp (served cold). Another bonus: it travels great, so we bring it to picnics all the time!

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