Jun 23, 2014

A Walk of Hope

Saturday was the Walk of Hope. We got up early, headed to National Harbor, and were grateful that the weather held off. I could tell you about it...or I could just show you.
Oh no big deal, I was just a top fundraiser which mean we were cheesin' it with the President of Resolve.
There were so many people, including these two fabulous ladies who I met at Advocacy Day - internet friends unite!
We had such great family support walking with us, and to our delight so many of our faraway friends walking with us as well. (Seriously, they brought me to tears - search #walkforcece on Instagram or Twitter).
It's amazing how infertility bonds you. It's a shitty thing to deal with, but it's incredible to be around people who just get it.
Caption for this photo: walk a mile in our shoes.
Stickers that we could put on our shirts for why we were walking.
Signs along the way - I love how Resolve educates people.
Supportive parents make a world of difference.
Again, someone I met three days before the walk (we both volunteered to help stuff bags and do some prep work), and I feel like I could chat with her for hours.
With the Chair for the Walk of Hope, Julie - she's so inspiring, and we realized we went to the same college!
I climbed on a barrier and yelled, "this is for twitter!" when I took this photo. (No, I am not exaggerating).
We did it!
I wish I could sum up the walk in a tidy little paragraph. It was amazing to see families there (some of the kids were wearing shirts saying "I'm proof IVF works," or "miracle baby!"), but it was bittersweet because it was a reminder of where we should be right now, and wondering if we'll get that chance in the future.

However, overall, the walk was so uplifting for me; it was incredible the amount of people who were not diagnosed with infertility but were there walking with those who were. It was a reminder that no matter what, no one with infertility walks alone.

A big fat thank you to everyone who supported us for this day - we surpassed our fundraising goal, we had a hashtag going, and all day we got texts and emails and messages which made us feel like we were cocooned in love.

Thank you Resolve, for an incredible morning, a great event, and the return of hope.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Yay, I'm so glad it went well and that you enjoyed all of our walking in spirit :) Obviously wish we could've been WITH you, but walking in spirit works too.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so glad that you had a fun and uplifting day. I was thinking of you in Minnesota and wishing I could be there in DC doing the walk with you. I am glad that you have met so many great people through this organization. There is nothing like being around people who just 'get you'. Love you guys!

Nora said...

Glad you felt the Love; that was the goal! And I'm glad the event was uplifting for you, too. xoxox

Emilie said...

I found you through Stephany's blog - what an awesome event! I can't believe that finances are the #1 barrier to treating infertility. That just seems so wrong and unfair. I have participated in a few races for charity where the organizers put up signs along the course similar to the ones you posted and I find it so inspirational. It reminds you why you're participating in the event. I'm glad the day was so successful and that you felt so much support!

Amber said...

I'm SO glad you did this event! Sounds like an amazing experience and I could tell how much it fed your soul when we chatted on Saturday afternoon! You amaze me! XO

Stephany said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful day! It was a privilege to be able to support you in my little way. I wish I could have been in DC with you! I’m sure it was such an empowering day for you and everyone around you. I love the pictures! (And “THIS IS FOR TWITTER!” totally made me snort-laugh. HA!)

Katelin said...

So so glad the day was so wonderful. It must have been amazing to be with so many people who just 'get it.' and to know your voices were being heard. So happy you were surrounded by so many loved ones near and far, you two truly are amazing. xo

Erin said...

It's wonderful that the experience turned out to be so positive for you and I'm glad you felt love from all over the world. It's amazing how online communities can do that for us. We really felt like the universe was hugging us when our son was in the NICU......

I look forward to following your journey and learning more about you! I hear fabulous things from all of our mutual friends :) It was a pleasure to wear some green and walk a mile for your sweet family on Saturday morn.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

(((()))) A group of my internet friends particpated. Kathy was apart of that team!

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