Jun 5, 2014

Salute the Sun

Ahhh, vacations. They can be chaos and logistics, but also so restorative. Especially when you get up before the sun, and welcome it with a salutation.
Photo by my Mom - I didn't even know she was taking it!
Love, and hope, and just...peace.


Nora said...

Gorgeous picture! Love the last line of this blog so much- hugs, friend. xo

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad this vacation has been restorative for you! That is a great photo!!! Soak it all in as long as you can before you have to return to the craziness of life!!

Nicole said...

Happy vacation, darling!! Hope it was wonderful!

Amber said...

What an AMAZING shot! And for you to not even know your mom took it -- so special! Can't wait to read more about your vacation

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