Oct 3, 2014

Five for Friday

1. I got an iPhone 6 this week. I didn't really care if I got a 5s or a 6, but my 4s was old, and I'd been eligible for an upgrade for months. The phone is nice, but when Ben got home from the store (because he dealt with all of it - he's a keeper I tell ya), he said, "babe I got you a case too and I think you're going to like it." It is ridiculous how much I love it. That man knows my heart.
It's gold and sparkly!

2. Monday is our seven year anniversary. Woah! Seems like just yesterday when I was abducting him for our first anniversary! I also kind of can't believe it's already October. I feel like when months start in the middle of the week they go even faster. So in what feels like a few days I'll be saying, "wow, I can't believe it's November!"

3. I'm actually pretty stoked for November. I'm bringing back my Handmade Holiday series, I'll be doing Ten Days of Thankful, and I'll be blogging about #GivingTuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), which is technically December, but whatever. Not to mention we are hosting Thanksgiving and I'm sure that will be fodder for some mishap-type posts.

Do you hear that? I will be a real blogger in November! I'll try to start easing in this month so your mind doesn't explode from all the awesome.

4. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you now know that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. It doesn't matter that I have all the seasons - the fact that I can stroll through and watch whatever episode my heart desires makes me so happy. (Plus it's nice because some of my discs have been watched so much they skip!) Seriously, between this and the phone case I'm kind of on cloud nine this week. (See also: easy to please).

5. I am a little obsessed with arrow necklaces right now. Not sure why but I just love them! This one is from Lisa Lenoard but I've been all over Etsy too.

What are you Friday five today?


Nora said...

Knight was laughing at me the other day re: Gilmore Girls since I, too, have all the seasons (and have even replaced one since I had a skippy disc!) but there is something about being able to watch it on Netflix that changes things. I forgot how much I love this show with all my heart plus it always makes me feel more fall-ish for some reason (maybe it's the color scheme of the intro?)

Friday Five....
1. I'm thankful for my book buying habits. I bought a book on my Nook ages ago for $1.99. Finally started reading it and I LOVE IT
2. It's Friday & we are wearing STL Cardinal red at the office today.
3. Bonus to #2, the big boss is donating $20 to everyone who does wear red to the cancer research fund in honor of my mom
4. I have big plans to get a pumpkin or two this weekend.
5. Our anniversary is on Monday, too! YAY anniversary twins :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I ;like arrow necklaces, too! My friend Amanda has one and I just love it!

OK, I hope we can still be friends after I confess this, but I have actually not seen all that many episodes of GG... I know, I know. I should remedy that and borrow Phil's Netflix membership and start watching it!

I am glad you are doing 10 days of Thanksgiving again! I am doing it as well!

Stephany said...

I also have to admit, like Lisa, I have only watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. I think I've watched maybe two seasons? I KNOW. It's a travesty. I was planning on remedying that by buying the seasons off Amazon, but I am SO glad I didn't so I can Netflix the heck out of this show! Yay!

Amber said...

I also have all the seasons of Gilmore Girls (and have watched them all more than once!) but now that it's on netflix I'm seriously considering binge watching it yet again! I want them to put Friends and Sex and the City on netflix now, you're right so much easier to watch whatever episode you want.

Looking forward to all your blogging in November :)

Katelin said...

I LOVE that necklace, so simple yet deligtful. And hurray for a new phone and a sparkly case to go with it!

Sara said...

Okay, that phone case is PERFECT. I, too, am a lover of all things gold and sparkly! How do you like the iPhone 6? I'm contemplating getting one with my upgrade...

Also, happy anniversary! :)

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I'm really looking forward to rewatching Gilmore Girls! My mom & I have been thinking about watching it "together" from afar, like we used to when it was on the air.

I have an iPhone 5s, but it seems like it's always crapping out. I'm saving my pennies for a new one! How are you liking the 6?

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