Nov 21, 2014

Stitched with love

It's day four of my Ten Days of Thankful series; every day from now until Thanksgiving I'll post about something I'm thankful for - I'd love for you to join me!

Today I am thankful for knitting.

I first learned how to knit in college. I made a few scarves, thought it was fun, and then one day got distracted by something else and put my knitting needles away.

A couple years ago I was talking to a friend about knitting - she's an avid knitter, and she encouraged me to get back into it. She helped me re-learn, introduced me to my favorite knitting store, and that was that. I've learned, I've grown, and there's still so many different types of things I want to make!

I am thankful for what knitting has given me - skills I've learned and honed, sure, but more importantly a way to be myself that I didn't even realize existed.

There's something about making an item - creating it from nothing into something beautiful, that takes my breath away every time. The time I spend making it, the thoughts I have for the person it's going to - I truly believe knitting has made me a calmer and better person.

It's not always a walk in the park - sometimes there are cuss words and tears involved. All the tears. But  we have a lifelong love affair, knitting and I; it understands when projects have to be put away, (even if unfinished), but knows I'll always come back again.
Progress on Lemon's blanket
Do you knit or crochet, or create things? Is it relaxing for you?

What are you thankful for today?


Nora said...

Too cheesy to say I'm thankful for you? I love the scarf you made me; it gets worn ALL THE TIME! <3

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are such a talented knitter - your recipients are lucky! I love knitting, too, and find it so soothing and calming. I love that we share this love of knitting!

Amber said...

I'm so impressed with the things you knit!! My grandma tried to teach me but I couldn't get the hang of it. On that note I'm SO thankful for my grandma who is super crafty and is constantly knitting and sewing me amazing things. She whips out those huge cowichan sweaters in like a week. She's seriously amazing.

Unknown said...

Hello Becky,
I really enjoyed reading your blog about how much you enjoy knitting. I actually do it myself, as a Mexican my mother pretty much forced me into doing it at first I absolutely hated it, but I actually enjoyed doing it after I got it down. Only thing is that I hated the fact that my left arm would not cooperate it was like of it had a mind of its own. Your blog made me think of how my mom will sit for hours in hour living room knitting it was like her favorite thing to do, I loved getting scarfs from her every time I would wear them to school my classmates would tell me how much they loved it and I enjoyed that feeling because I took so much pride in saying my mother made it for me. Thanks for bringing those amazing memories back!

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