Nov 10, 2014

The quiet

This past weekend found Ben and me with a pair of friends in the middle of nature. It was a perfect weekend getaway and I already want to go back. I thought I'd share a few photos, and one of the journal entries I wrote while we were there.
Early morning quiet - no one quite perfects it like the great outdoors. There's a stillness here that speaks to my soul. I always loved camping as a Girl Scout, but the early mornings were my favorite; waking up with a chill in the air, knowing you don't have to rush off - it just doesn't get any better than that.

Right now all I hear is the occasional branch breaking, the soft chirp of the crickets, the sad cry of a lone bird. Life seems less complicated right now. Like the worries that wait for me are not as big and scary as I thought, but rather small irritations that will take care of themselves.

I'm here, and I'm happy. God willing, I'll be back in a year with a baby in tow. 

That makes me really excited - yes having a healthy baby - but showing the baby all the wonders nature holds. Introducing him or her to hiking, and learning to love and respect the outdoors.

I can't wait.
Do you ever take a break from the real world to immerse yourself in nature? When was your last weekend getaway?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I can so relate to this feeling, well all the feelings. The calm of nature: hiking trails, the ocean... And the excitement to show a baby all of that :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you guys had a wonderful weekend get away that was relaxing and peaceful. I say soak up as many of those moments as you can now before the baby arrives and life gets more hectic (but wonderful of course!). The way you felt on this getaway is how I feel when I go to my parents lake cabin. It's so peaceful and quiet there and there are fewer distractions. Mornings are my favorite as the lake is like glass so you can't help but feel calmer when looking at it.

I haven't had a weekend getaway in awhile but we leave for Jamaica 3 weeks from Friday and I CAN'T WAIT, especially since it's currently snowing heavily here. :(

Nora said...

Last time we had a weekend getaway... Labor Day? It was local/in town so it didn't feel the same, though it was rather lovely to not be at home. Our next getaway will be around Christmas, I don't know that we'll get one in before then.

One of the reason I take Jack on so many walks: I love the crunch of the leaves, the quiet, just me and him, relaxing, taking in the sights, ignoring tv and technology. It's refreshing. Not the same as a weekend away but the little moments help!

Glad you had such an awesome weekend. Love the pictures and the scenery is to die for!

Amber said...

Yes we do! All the time in the summer. We go camping a few times every summer and I LOVE rugged getaways into nature. I think it's a more common form of "vacationing" here in Canada so I am definitely no stranger to nature/rugged vacations. I totally get and relate to what you said in your journal entry about it just being so peaceful!

Katelin said...

Yep, this sounds truly delightful. I hope Matt and I can have a weekend getaway like this soon!

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