Dec 15, 2014

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks, or five and a half months, say what?!

How big is baby: Lemonhead (what I sometimes call him - because, you know, one nickname is not enough), went from the size of a banana, to a carrot, and is now the size of a spaghetti squash - uh, that's kind of a big jump!

Anxious about: Last time I posted an update I talked about being anxious when people asked me about movement. That has since passed (see below!) so right now I'm feeling good. I'm sure something else to worry about will crop up soon, so right now I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

Non-pregnancy related - today is Ben's eye surgery. It's going to help correct a condition he has and should be a huge improvement in his day-to-day living. The surgeon is very good and the success rate is at 90% but it's still surgery so I guess I'm a little anxious about that. If you wanted to send a couple good thoughts our way this morning we'll take 'em!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: So far so good on not needing to avoid too many foods. I actually think I'm getting hungrier so there may be some growth happening. (I mean, spaghetti squash - that's a decent size, right?) The amount of food that was fine for me even a week ago is most of the times not enough. It's been over two weeks since I've gotten sick, but I am too chicken to stop taking my morning sickness medicine - I mean, I puked for five months. I just don't want to go back to that at all. 

Gender: Boy! And because it was so much fun to do, I thought I'd share the photo from our holiday cards this year!
Taken the day after our ultrasound
I got the idea from Pinterest which is awesome in and of itself because 99% of the time I forget Pinterest exists, and the other 1% my projects never turn out how they should look.

Movement: I was almost 21 weeks when I thought I might have felt something. It was late at night and I was getting into bed and felt like something shifted in my stomach, but I was tired and kind of brushed it off. A few days later I was emailing a friend asking if she thought by 22 weeks it would be too paranoid to call the doctor if I hadn't felt anything. I think Lemon knew I was worried, because later that afternoon it was as if someone really lightly (and very quickly), brushed a hand over my stomach - more movement then even the sensation of a touch. I was sitting at my desk at work and I put my hands on my stomach and whispered, "Lemon, was that you? Do it again!"

Within the next couple of days I was consistently feeling little "plops" (as I so scientifically call them), in my stomach - like little bubbles, and every single time it makes me grin like a fool.

The belly: Growing, growing, growing!

Miscellaneous: Again, with the growth. Sometimes my stomach will feel heavy or I can feel it stretching. But hello, spaghetti squash!

Things that made me cry: Oh you guys. A couple weekends ago our thermostat was being weird - the temperature kept dropping, so that Monday we called our property management company (ah, the beauty of renting), and the landlord came out that night to take a look. He knew what the problem was, but couldn't get the specific part that night. He was so nice and so apologetic - he told me (Ben was still at work) that we should go to a hotel that night, they would reimburse us for it, because he didn't want us staying in a house with no heat.

I talked to Ben, and then talked to my mother-in-law, trying to weigh our options. (Did we really need to stay at a hotel? Could a space heater in the room work? Should I look at prices just to see?) We had a few options, I just needed to make a decision and then let Ben know. My sister called me in the midst of this and even though I was perfectly fine thirty seconds before, as soon as she said, "hey what's going on," I lost it. (Like the eggs for Thanksgiving only 100 times worse).

I could not stop crying. I told her I was fine, I just had to make a decision and I think the long day hit me (it was almost nine o'clock at night by this point), and my brain simply shut down. She kept saying, "it's okay, it's okay," and then finally told me she would come over. While waiting for her I packed a suitcase in case we weren't going to stay at home, and at one point knocked something over in our room - nothing broke, I wasn't hurt, but I started crying all over again. It's definitely the least in control I've ever felt of my emotions.

My sister and my cousin showed up a bit later with keys to hotel room nearby. They made me laugh, she told me to get some sleep, and made me promise that I'd text when I got to the hotel. The heat was fixed the next day and while parts of the story are definitely funny now, it was crazy at the time, and I'm so grateful to my family who can put up with me in hysterics. Sheesh!

Best moment of the week: Feeling Lemon move. I love it every time, and one night Ben was telling Lemon good night and blew a raspberry on my stomach. When I laughed, he said "that's what he's doing," (talking about the movement), and man if I didn't feel a little plop right then. Ben goes, "see - he likes it!" 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I am so glad you are starting to feel Lemon move! I am sure that movement is SO reassuring! I can't wait until he can kick so Ben can feel it too! I am glad you are feeling better and have more of an appetite, too.

A jump from a carrot to a spaghetti squash is HUGE! Seems like it should go to a cucumber between those steps, right? ;)

Bummer about the heat but I've glad you've got supportive people in your life on those not so great nights. And it sounds like you have a really great landlord.

Nora said...

Love that you have so much movement going on. LOL to the Ben and the raspberry + Lemon kicking back. That's so great. I can't imagine what that must feel like!

Stephany said...

I just got your Christmas card in the mail! It's so cute and I love it and you guys are adorable. :)

Yay for movement from Mr. Lemon. Good to hear!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I think your updates might be the first pregnancy updates I have consistently followed since being pregnant myself and it's a crazy feeling to just understand oh so much every single thing you wrote in here, specifically continuing to take morning sickness meds (took them until the day I went into labor), loving baby movement and usually having full control of emotions and then... not :)
I love LOVE your Christmas card. Makes me happy every time I see it on my door.
I'm glad things went well today with Ben's surgery. I hope the recovery is quick!

Amber said...

I agree with Lisa, a jump from a carrot to a spaghetti squash seems crazy. I love your belly pics. You have such a cute little belly. My coworker finally really popped this week too!

So glad Lemon is giving you some kicks and movements now, I think he did know you were waiting to hear from him :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You are adorable and your holiday card was so much fun. Love your outlook on this pregnancy, even the not so fun stuff. Though, you're going to have to further define "spaghetti squash," because I've seen some HUGE ones at our store!!! =D

Katelin said...

eeee you are so cute! love love love the picture so much and so glad you can feel lemon move. it only gets better and better. feeling movements definitely subsided my anxiousness a little bit. and i'm so glad you're not so sick any more, my goodness.

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Awe you look so cute, Thanks for checking out my blog

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