Dec 29, 2014

24 weeks

See also: this is what my hair looks like when I sleep on it wet
How far along: 24 weeks or six months! Woah!

How big is baby: Lemon went from a spagetthi squash, to a large mango, and is now an ear of corn. Ben and I have think the size refers more to the mass/weight than the actual size of the baby. However, the update I read on 24 weeks did say he'll start to "plump up" soon. Ha!

Anxious about: Part of me is really relieved to be at 24 weeks because that means viability - we definitely don't want Lemon coming anytime soon, but from this point on the chances of survival only increase, so I'm happy to at least be at this point. However, I feel like I'm reading all the things about pre-eclampsia and pre-term labor and oh my gosh, this and this and that. I'm trying to read enough where I'm informed but not making myself paranoid - we'll see how that goes.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Okay, so I have officially been off my morning sickness medicine since Christmas Day, and so far so good. If I could be really and truly done with puking, well, I'm not even sure what to do with myself! As far as cravings go it's mostly been cheeseburgers and root beer (which I try to not over indulge in), but lately there's been a shift and I want all the fruits and veggies. I'll take it!

Gender: Baby boy!

Movement: Lemon's movements aren't really visible on the outside yet, but they are enough where I can distinguish between when he's moving and when he's kicking - and Ben's been able to feel a lot of them which makes me so happy! Although I swear every time I'm like "babe, give me your hand, he's kicking," Lemon stops the minute Ben puts his hand on my stomach. It makes me laugh. A lot.

The belly: Growing! I don't really know what else to write in this part, but I did a fun little side by side comparison - the picture on the left is me at 16 weeks and the right is 24 weeks. Growing indeed!
Miscellaneous: We're starting to take care of some logistical things - signing up for a hospital tour, meet a pediatrician, and soon signing up for a birth class as well. But honestly? What I'm most stressed about these days is a name. We're pretty laid back about it and we have some favorites, but I change my mind all the time, and I just have no idea how we're ever going to settle on one. Sheesh! I know it'll happen/come to us eventually but it's quite a responsibility, naming another human being!

I definitely have been hit by the tireds lately. (I mean, did you see my face in this week's picture?) Some of that is from all the fabulous holiday celebrating, but I'm also realizing I need to not push it when I'm tired and simply listen to my body. (I have a feeling this will be a lesson I'm learning over and over again for the next few months...)

Things that made me cry: It didn't make me cry, but at my 24-week appointment this morning, as soon as I heard the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh sound of his heartbeat on the doppler machine, I couldn't stop grinning. There are things I'm worried about, and things that make me anxious, but sometimes I just grin and tear up because wow, this is really happening.

Best moment of the week: I haven't slept well the past few nights (couldn't get comfortable, up to go to the bathroom a lot, etc), and this morning I was up at 4 AM to make another trip to the bathroom. I was trying to get back to sleep when Lemon started kicking pretty strongly - it made me giggle even as I was saying, "no buddy, not time to play, we're going back to sleep now, all right?" Ah! And he was kicking when I was typing this. It must be his way of saying hi to you all!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love these posts! You have popped so much and look so cute! I bet it is really fun to be showing more now! You look great! This is such a busy time of year so I imagine you are extra extra tired since you are growing a human and all. ;) I hope you guys come up with a name that you both like!!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love love love this post!! I stressed about the name too but in the end, I can't imagine naming him anything else! Hi Lemon, keep growing and giving us lots of signs that you are happy! :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

You look wonderful!!! Your belly is so cute!!!

Amber said...

You look SO GREAT friend! Your belly is adorable. HI LEMON! Can't wait to meet you! xoxo

Emilie said...

Your belly has definitely popped! I am excited to find out the name you pick for Lemon. I have an easy time with girl names but boy names are a huge struggle for me. I am so glad to hear your morning sickness is doing better. I hope it continues to stay that way!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

You look super happy!

Stephany said...

Happy 24 weeks! You look so happy in your photo. :) And yayyyyyy for no more morning sickness. Keeping fingers and toes crossed it stays away!

Kate @ said...

You are looking GREAT in this week's pics! Love the Lemon updates.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

STOP READING. Seriously, just stop! Think of it as the 80-20 rule ... 80% of what you read will make you nervous and anxious, while only 20% will be helpful. So, if the 80% is getting to you, I vote for putting down the book!

Sweets and I had a running list of names. We ordered it by preference. Each time we thought of a new name we both liked, we asked ourselves if we liked it better than the first name. For us, it was an easy way to hone in on the winner. Though, I also have a friend who took three different names to the hospital and chose the name that most suited their son after he was born. Whatever you do, remember to spell out the acronym to make sure it doesn't spell ASS (we had the same challenge) and go through the alphabet rhyming with the name to make sure nothing terribly offensive rhymes with the name. =D

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