Dec 17, 2014


First off, thanks for all the well wishes for Ben's eye surgery. It went really well, and while his eyes are still tired, he's recovery beautifully and can already see a huge change in his vision!
Nothing like a medical procedure to really put things in perspective.

Monday night I sat next to Ben as he dozed off to sleep, and thought about how grateful I am to have him. We've been through so much and my life is absolutely, completely wrapped around this man.

Two years ago we were told an IUI would be our best chance of getting pregnant.

One year ago I was pregnant with Cece, but things had already started to go downhill - I was bleeding, and Christmas Eve will be the anniversary of when we were first told her heartbeat was not where it should be.

A year later I am pregnant with our son, and I hope a year from now we'll be enjoying our first Christmas as a family of three.

I blinked back tears as all I could think is...I am grateful. 

Grateful to be in a less hurtful place than I was at this point last year. Grateful for being pregnant. Grateful for still continuing to advocate for infertility rights, and excited to be gearing up for next year's DC Walk of Hope in June.

I am grateful for Ben, and for having someone who is absolutely a partner in every sense of word.

It sounds silly, but this surgery was eye-opening for more than one of us.


Nora said...

I don't think that sounds silly at all! It takes these kinds of events, sometimes, to remind us just how awesome and amazing life IS and can be. I'm so glad you have Ben. You two are one of my most favorite couples ever. <3

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You know, when you're single and trying to find the right man, people always remind you to be happy with yourself, to be self-reliant, etc. and not to look for a man to fill the empty spaces. And yet, once you've found that special someone, how can you not emotionally rely on him for everything (and him on you)??? I love what you and Ben have together - you're such a solid couple and you beam when you're with one another. Being grateful for that is not silly at all - in fact, it's amazing you recognize all that you have and appreciate it, too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love posts like this. I am so glad that you and Ben have each other! You two have something very special!

Amber said...

I adore the two of you! I'm feeling extremely grateful this holiday season as well. It's a good feeling! xoxo

Katelin said...

Love this so much friend. Grateful is the perfect word for all of this and everything. Wishing you and Ben an amazing Christmas & New Year! xo

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