Jan 12, 2015

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks - this means only 14 weeks to go, which means I am almost at the third trimester! Woah!

How big is baby: Lemon went from an ear of corn, to a rutabaga, and now is the size of a scallion. I imagine he's the length of a scallion but with the weight of a rutabaga - you know, that whole "plumping up" thing!

Anxious about: The past couple of days were rough - I think with Cece's anniversary, and some lack of sleep on my part, I had a few nights of being very worried and anxious. (I just kept thinking about how I couldn't go through that again, and so many things can still go wrong). Ben was so sweet and patient - he just sat and talked with me, and then when Lemon gave me a few gentle kicks said, "See? He's letting you know he's okay!" I know how wonderful Ben is and how happy I am to have married him, but in that instance it gave me such a great glimpse of the kind of father he's going to be, and I can't wait to see that.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: So far so good on this front. There are a few things that give me a little acid reflux (sadly, pumpkin is one of those), but I am no longer puking so oh my gosh I don't even care!

Gender: Baby boy!

Movement: Loving it! I'm starting to learn his patterns of when he's the most active, and every time he kicks I laugh, and stop what I'm doing to talk to him.

The belly: Growing! The other day I walked into the bathroom and as I glanced in the mirror I started laughing - my belly definitely leads the way now!

Miscellaneous: I'm usually up a couple times a night to go to the bathroom but because my hips have started to get a little sore (I'm trying to sleep with my pregnancy pillow under my stomach and between my knees which helps), sometimes it's nice to get up and walk for a minute so I'm not so stiff in the morning. It's winter and everything is dry, but I think pregnancy is definitely exacerbating this for me; my hands are soaking up lotion like it's their job and my nose is so dry it's often times bloody. I drink lots of water and we've started using a humidifier which helps, but on mornings when I'm really miserable, I simply remind myself it's better than throwing up!

Also, because I talk about how Ben makes me laugh all the time, I thought I'd show a little proof - here's an outtake from when he was taking pictures of me for this week's post.
Things that made me cry: I definitely think my emotions are stronger now (I'm sure due to all the hormones), so when I do have happy or sad moments I tend to get drained a lot faster - I forget how much energy feelings can take out of you!

Best moment of the week:  Last night before I went to sleep Ben was talking to my stomach, telling Lemon good night, and right where his mouth was he felt a little push back! I love seeing when Ben can really distinguish movement so we were both happy about it - I told him maybe Lemon was giving him a kiss goodnight and he said, "Yeah, or maybe that was his butt!" I laughed so hard!

As I was going to sleep I was exhausted but happy, and it was the first time in awhile I remember feeling a sense of peace. Here's hoping that lasts!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am sorry to hear you had a tough week and felt more anxiety. :( I think that is only natural given how much you guys have been through. I am glad that Lemon keeps giving you kicks to reassure you that he's OK! You really look so beautiful - you have such a glow about yourself and I love seeing pictures of your growing belly!!

Nora said...

LOL to the "maybe it was his butt," comment. You are going to have such an energetic household with two boys :) You are absolutely beautiful and like Lisa, said, glowing! <3

Emilie said...

I love your outtake photo! You can totally see genuine happiness on your face. Also glad to see the nausea continues to stay away. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Stephany said...

I'm sorry for all the anxiety you've been dealing with! That's so tough, and I'll be praying the peace you experienced last night stays for good. <3

Amber said...

What a cute photo! I love your belly! I'm so glad Lemon keeps giving you kicks and flutters to reassure you that he's there and doing well!

Katelin said...

Eeee love the pics, too cute!

And the symptoms? Sweet mercy that is me too. So much getting up to pee & a dry nose, I can't even imagine it by you where it probably actually cold, ha. And I'm so sorry about the anxiety, I keep having it too and it's just so hard to kick. Also love that Lemon is already giving daddy kisses, precious xo

megabrooke said...

You look great! Such a cute baby bump. I'm sorry you're feeling anxious... you are so luck you and your husband are such a good team. Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

Nicole said...

Reassuring kicks are the best! And your bump is adorable!

Prairie Anonymous said...

The anxiety is tough. My rainbow baby had lots of hiccups which gave me extra reminders he was doing ok.

Can I ask a small favour. Would you consider changing your gender heading to sex. It's a pet peeve of mine. As I learned in a LGBTQ session, sex is here it's what you're born with, gender is here it's how you self identify, how you think about yourself.

Prairie Anonymous said...

Sorry that was supposed to include the parts between -'s. Should've read:

As I learned in a LGBTQ session, sex is here -points to genitals-, it's what you're born with, gender is here-points to head-, it's how you self identify, how you think about yourself.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Isla was never cooperative in kicking when Anthony was trying to feel her. I don't think heever did get to. She just wasn't a big kicker, which my body was thankful for ha.

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