Mar 9, 2015

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks!

How big is baby: In the past two weeks Lemon went from the size of a large jicama, to a pineapple, and is now the size of a cantaloupe. (Again, I think it's more for mass than actually size because he's obviously longer than a cantaloupe by now).

Anxious about: Money, ugh. I'm grateful to have insurance but I hate our high deductible plan, and Ben will be mostly working while I'm home on maternity leave but I only get paid for half the time I'm taking. I'm trying to let go of the worry and focus on the good.

Anticipating: For instance, this week some of my co-workers are throwing me a shower which is so sweet and I think will be lots of fun! Also, we have maternity pictures scheduled for this weekend and I can't wait!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Not too much I need to avoid - there are a few things (because they made me so sick) I've stayed away from "just in case," and that includes anything from Chipotle or Qdoba, and Chinese food. I definitely think he's growing because I feel like I eat all the time now!

Movement: So fun! And when I'm exhausted and hormonal this always comforts me. I swear he knows when I'm feeling down because he'll give me a little kick or movement that always makes me smile!

The belly: Definitely starting to impede things. I've had to learn I don't do anything quickly anymore, and while I've gotten better at navigating around things so I'm not bumping into counters and tables with my stomach, reaching things has started to become a problem as well. I mean, I've always been short, but I used to be able to stand on my tip toes and get something that was almost out of reach. Now I have a belly that a) throws me off balance a bit, and b) doesn't let me get as close as I used to while reaching for said item. There have been a lot of phrases used in our house lately like, "babe can you come get this down for me," and "I need help up!" Ha!

Miscellaneous: Well we had another trip to labor and delivery at the hospital. Normally Lemon is the most active at night, but there are definitely times I feel him throughout the day as well. Yesterday I felt him a little bit in the morning but not as much as I normally would. By mid-afternoon I was a little concerned and tried a few tricks to get him to move around; I laid down, drank water, even took a hot shower, and finally decided I should call the doctor just in case. They told me to go in for monitoring to make sure everything was okay. I called Ben at work and told him I was coming to pick him up and we'd just go to the hospital from there. (I also had the foresight to grab a few things and shove them in a suitcase in case we were admitted, but luckily that was not the case).

On the way to the hospital I told Ben I didn't have a bad feeling, but I was worried - something felt off. They got us registered and into triage, and it took the nurse a good five minutes with the monitor to find his heartbeat, which was possibly the longest five minutes of my life. I couldn't see Ben because of how they had me turned, but we were holding hands, and when the nurse finally found it (Lemon was in a weird position), we all let out a sigh of relief. (The nurse even said she was going to wait a few minutes before taking my blood pressure because it was probably elevated after that!)

We were in labor and delivery for a few hours - long story short everything is okay which is great. We got to listen to his heartbeat, they gave me fluids, and even sent me for a sonogram to make sure he's doing everything he needs to be doing (breathing, enough fluid, etc). He was in a really weird position (although they said not to worry about that now, he still has time to move around), and they think me needing fluids was related to me not being able to feel him moving as much. Ben still can't wrap his mind around that - he just kept saying, "but you drink so much water!"

A few small comforts while we were there - we got to see him on the sonogram (we haven't had one since the gender reveal one at 19 weeks), and were told he's already five pounds which is great! Also, the nurses confirmed what I've had a feeling about - that I'll probably go early - I'm already having Braxton Hicks contractions. They also told me they were glad I came in - they said I'll know if something feels off and they'd rather tell me everything looks great than have me not call and there be a problem.

Overall, I'll take another visit that turned out well, but let's keep cooking for a few more weeks there bud, so next time we're in labor and delivery it's when you're actually being born, okay? (See also: getting the hospital bag packed for real, and car seat installed this week).
And because it's fun - a picture from the grocery store a week ago. I was like "babe, it's a family of lemons - get it?!"
Things that made me laugh/cry: I kind of hit a wall at 32 weeks - one day I came home and just cried because I was so exhausted. But I'm counting down the Mondays because that makes it seems faster, and I know the end is in sight.

Best moment of the week: One night last week Lemon was moving so much I was gasping; I told Ben it felt like he was scraping his elbows across the front of my stomach! (And after our visit yesterday it was confirmed that's probably what he was doing based on his position). Ben suggested I sing him his lullaby because until that happens he doesn't know if it's "bedtime" yet. Sure enough I sang it and he settled right down!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so glad that everything checked out OK last night. I think it's better to be safe and go in if you are concerned versus worrying at home, which is bad for momma! I hope that Lemon stays put until you are full term, but it's comforting to know that he's already 5 pounds!!

Nora said...

Echoing what Lisa said, so glad everything turned out ok last night for you! You already have the momma intuition which is awesome and you are supposed to go in if anything feels off, you absolutely did the right thing. Keep cooking, Mr. Lemon for just a few more weeks :)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

L & D visits are never fun early but I'm glad that Lemon is doing okay!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Glad everything was okay with baby! We had 5 weeks straight of L&D visits. It's scary. Happy 34 weeks!

Amber said...

So glad everything was ok and they were able to find Lemon's hearbeat even if it did take a while!

I really wish you could come to Canada and have Lemon where money and maternity leave would NOT be a concern for you! I would totally marry you ;)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

glad everything is okay!

Stephany said...

First, oh heavens, that picture of you guys in front of the lemons - too cute! And hilarious. :)

Secondly, SO happy Lemon is okay and you got the peace of mind you needed! Those five minutes must have felt like the longest five minutes of your life!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Did you say Lemon kicks you in the ass to get you out of your funks? Oh wait, I think you just said he kicks. ha.

Your last comment about singing Lemon a lullaby and it helped settle him down brought me back to many very sentimental moments. Whenever baby Gavin was out of sorts, I'd hum a particular lullaby to him. And, pretty much, every single time, it'd settle him down. Even to this day, if he's upset or having trouble settling down to sleep at night, I'll ask him if he wants me to sing to him. He'll often say yes and my humming will always right whatever seems to be off in his world. You're off to a great start!

Katelin said...

eeee you look so cute! so so excited for you guys and just adore that lemon picture, despite how much ben protested :)

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