Mar 30, 2015

37 weeks

Excuse the face - Ben was cracking me up while taking this picture!
How far along: 37 weeks! Not quite "full term" yet, but at this point if I went into labor it would no longer be considered pre-term so...yeah, pregnancy math is weird.

How big is baby: Last week, Lemon was the size of a head of romaine lettuce and this week he is the size of a bunch of Swiss chard. (Maybe the most random produce comparison yet!)

Anxious about: If my body is doing anything. I had some low pressure in my stomach on Friday, and some back aches - both of which eventually faded, but I'm hoping these are small signs that he's starting to get into position and that labor will happen sooner rather than later! (Fingers crossed this is  what I hear at my doctor's appointment later today!)

Anticipating: Labor! Okay, so maybe not labor itself, but rather the process because that means we will finally get to meet him! I'm getting more and more antsy because this isn't just like we've been waiting for almost nine months. By the time he gets here it will have been almost five years since Ben and I started trying to expand our family so to say I'm ready is a bit of an understatement. (Ben's all "babe, he'll come when he's ready," and I'm like, "I want that to be NOW!")

Diets/cravings/aversions: Nothing I'm really avoiding, but I do think I've had more acid reflux lately than normal. I'm wondering if this means he'll have a little bit of hair?

Movement: Lemon does these motions that I now refer to as "butt rolls." Because of where he was positioned at our last ultrasound, a lot of the movement I feel on my right side I now know is either a foot or his butt - I'm starting to be able to distinguish between the two. Every so often throughout the day I swear he just wiggles his butt and the movement it creates is so funny and feels weird, I told Ben it feels like he's rolling his butt all around - hence, butt rolls. It makes me laugh, every time.

The belly: Bigger and bigger and bigger - oh my! It's seriously laughable - I say the phrase "this is out of control," (referring to my stomach) at least once every couple of days.

Miscellaneous: Ready. Oh so ready. The nursery is done, the car seat is installed, the hospital bags are packed and in the car, and I have draft emails prepped to send to friends and family for when he's here. (I've got a draft blog post prepped too so as long as I can post it from our tablet at the hospital you'll be in the loop! But if you don't follow Love Everyday Life on Facebook you may want to do that now, just in case!)

My mom is on a work trip and doesn't get back until the end of the week, so Lemon is under strict instructions from Grandma to not be born until then - ha! However, in my head, that's when the eviction notice starts. I'll be just a few days shy of 38 weeks - I'm going to walk walk walk this baby out! (I know all you moms out there are laughing, thinking I have a say in when he's born - just let me dream, okay?)

Things that made me laugh/cry: We finished Lemon's room! We were pretty close, but had a last couple of things to do - so it's done and wonderful and I'll be sharing pictures later this week!

Best moment of the week: When I took our car seat to the fire department to get checked, the fire fighters inspecting it told me we did an excellent installation! I guess a lot of times people don't install them before they come to the fire department (so they can be shown how), and when they do they are rarely correct, much less done that well. Talk about flying high after that - I texted Ben (he was at work), and told him this counted as our first parenting win!

Oh my gosh, speaking of Ben - I know I've talked about how I can't wait to see him and Lemon together, but there was a moment this week when I thought my heart was going to burst with joy over the two of them! Ben came home from work one night and I was upstairs in bed, so I called out, "hi babe," when he came in. He replied, "hey baby," and I swear the second he started talking, Lemon starting kicking and going crazy! I love that he responds to our voices, but especially so much to Ben's - it makes me grin from ear to ear!


Nora said...

Love everything about these posts. I can't believe that literally any day now (well, as long as it's after this Friday, Mr. Lemon!), he will be here. Very, very excited for you and can't wait to see him/meet him this summer.

Also, totally LOL'd out loud to Butt Rolls. =)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You are SOOOOO pregnant and SOOOOO close to have a BABY IN YOUR ARMS. YOUR BABY IN YOUR ARMS. Can you believe that???? OH MY GOODNESS!!! Over the weekend, I asked a friend of mine who just had her FOURTH bebe a week ago about how her husband was handling everything. She said babies aren't his favorite age (which I could see). Ben on the other hand? OK, so I've only met the guy once in person, but I can totally see him being just a perfect match for your baby. You guys both are going to get a win at this parenting thing!

Stephany said...

^^^ I mean, what she said. How can I say it any better? I don't think I can.

You are almost there! I am so freaking excited for you! And Ben! And I can't wait to "see" you guys as parents. I don't even know Ben, and I can just FEEL how much of an awesome father he will be. And I haven't even met you IRL but I KNOW you will be the best mama for little Lemon. Eek! So much excitement!

Lauren| said...

Wow you look great - what an exciting and crazy time! I have been reading your blog for a really long time and wanted to wish you all the best for your upcoming delivery :) I am still in the midst of my infertility journey and it is so comforting to read your happy story. <3, Lauren PS - I just started a blog about my life and infertility journey at - I would love for you to check it out :)

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Yay and yay, just can't wait!

Amber said...

Yayyy! I'm so excited for you! My coworkers last day of work is Thursday - I'm really going to miss her but also so excited for her baby boy to arrive. I need to text you a picture of the little slippers I knit for him, I think you'd be proud of me ;)

Lemon will be here before you even know it! wheeee!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am so excited for you all!

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