Mar 3, 2015


So it's March! I doubt it will feel like spring anytime soon, but we're getting closer to seasons changing, and I thought it would be fun to start the month off with a little chit chatty post. (Thanks to Lisa for the inspiration).

Reading: I recently finished Wild, and between that and Everything I Never Told You (which I read over a month ago), I'm pretty ambivalent about what I pick up lately. That's the blessing and curse of a good book - it stays with you, but kind of ruins you for a bit as well.

Loving: Sleep. Ohhh, glorious sleep. If I can go four hour stretches without getting up to use the bathroom I feel like a rockstar. Maybe my body is training me for long nights in the next few months?

Thinking: About the infertility community. There are several people who facing hard times right now (anniversaries of losses, final procedures, more testing), and my heart goes out to them. I know those aches, and I want their dreams for them so badly.

Frustrated: That we have to turn the clocks forward this weekend. I'm only a fan of Daylight Savings Time in the fall when we gain an hour of sleep. Losing an hour always takes me a good week to adjust to and is never pretty.

Feeling: All the things. Seriously. One minute I'm frustrated, the next I feel so grateful, and the next I'm slightly terrified about what's next. Ah, hormones.

Anticipating: The DC Walk of Hope! Yes, I know it's not until June 6th, but we are less than 100 days out and I'm so so excited for this year! We have a great group of volunteers and I can't wait to walk as part of Team Rainbow Baby! (I'm already dreaming up what our team shirts will look like).

Watching: The West Wing on Netflix. I watched the latest season of House of Cards this past weekend and am pretty irritated I wasted my time with it, so I am taking solace in a political show that won't thoroughly disappoint me. (No, Frank Underwood is not a good guy, but somehow you end up rooting for him. Yet by the end of the season I no longer cared about any of the characters or story lines).

Sad: That the cold weather will soon be ending. I know, I know, I'm in the minority on this one, but spring is my least favorite season (helloooo allergies), and summer isn't far behind. I burn easily and I hate being hot, so while no, I don't really enjoy 0 degree weather, I do prefer it (and sweaters and blankets), to sunscreen, and sweat, and having to constantly keep my hair up because it's so. effing. hot.

Grateful: For my bed. (See also: loving sleep). I'm so tired at the end of the day I normally come home and just sit in bed while I read or watch Netflix, (even sometimes eating dinner there!) because it's so relaxing. I'm grateful to have a nice warm, comfy bed through all the winter weather we've been having lately!

Listening: To podcasts (Book Riot is still my favorite), as well as the song "I Get to be the One" by JJ Heller. (I seriously listened to it on repeat for my whole commute one morning).

Wishing: For a safe and healthy delivery of Lemonhead. We don't have a set birth plan - we're open to a lot of options and are just going to see how it goes, because I figure rolling with the punches is our best bet. It's easy to get wrapped up in having a certain experience and then if it can't/doesn't happen that way get disappointed; I don't care how he gets here as long as we're both healthy. (Although if I could just snap my fingers and have him appear that would be okay too).

What are you loving, reading, and anticipating? What's currently going on in your world?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I don't like losing one hour of sleep since I sleep pretty poorly in the first place, but I am looking forward to DLS because it means more hours of evening sunlight! I just wish they would do away with DLS completely, though. It seems so unnecessary!

Right now I'm reading Everything I Never Told You (and really liking it), loving that our temps are going to climb into the 40s this weekend (big improvement over our -10 windchill we've got going on this morning), and anticipating my 10 mile race this weekend (which I feel very unprepared for...).

Nora said...

Loving: all the plans we have coming up: comedy night, fancy steak dinner, brunch, bachelorette & bridal shower party, meeting Iowa Amber and her husband!

Reading: A Town called Valentine (I think that's the name of it). It's a romance book and was free on nook last week so of course I downloaded it. So far I'm loving it because it's interesting and I haven't read a romance in a long time.

Anticipating: Friday, please. This week is long!

Oh, and BLECH to Spring Forward. I don't need the loss of an hour in my day, thank you very much.

Amber said...

I am OBSESSED with the Jess Lively podcast right now. I'm listening to all of her archives as she interviews such interesting people! I also love my weekly dose of the Book Riot podcast!

I am dreading DLS. Losing the hour of sleep always messes me up for weeks.

Stephany said...

Can we still be friends if I say I've been counting down the days until DST? I lovvvvve it. Love it, love it. I can't handle how little hours of daylight we get during the fall and spring! I'm also lucky in that the time change doesn't affect my sleep too much. I have maybe a week or so where I feel a little more tired than usual, but I'll deal with that if I can have more hours of daylight after work!

Currently, I am loving that I am doing awesome at not drinking soda (gave it up for Lent - and hopefully after that, too!). Two weeks in & the cravings haven't been too crazy. I am reading The Rosie Effect. And I am anticipating my low-key weekend! (Last weekend was a bit too crazy for my liking.)

Stephany said...

Err... "how little hours of daylight we get during the fall and WINTER." Not spring. Winter. Sigh. Is it Friday yet?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Someone on Facebook (I hope it wasn't you) said this time of year is the worst, because your body is still damaged from the dry cold air, but your allergies are kicking in. I've felt that kick in the butt this week - no fun!

I just started listening to a new podcast about parenthood - and one of the latest episodes was about the, ummm, not usually discussed parts of childbirth. So, for you, I'm wishing for a safe, healthy, quick and pain-free (well, as pain-free as possible) delivery of Lemonhead!

Nicole said...

We have to turn our clocks forward this weekend?? Noooooo!

Katelin said...

Friend I feel ya on the infertility community. So many unfortunate milestones and anniversaries that have been happening and it's just so hard to lend a hand and support when really, infertility sucks SO HARD.

Also, the no sleep thing sucks. I seriously wish I was getting more sleep at the end of my pregnancy because right now I would kill to sleep for more than five hours, ha.

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